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OST Recovery Tool Migrate Orphaned Offline OST To PST File

MS Outlook is a desktop-based application, which enable an email service (exchanging information) for mail client and provide facility to store personal information in it. It has two storage data files for storing data on local machine, i.e. PST and OST data files. However, there exists some differences between both of these files and they are described below.
  • A OST file is a server dependent file whereas PST files are server independent files. In addition, PST files requires Outlook application to be pre-installed on machine.
  • Operations like merging files, splitting data files, extracting attachments from file, etc., can only be performed on PST file, not on Outlook OST files.
After having a discussion about difference between both Outlook storage files, we came to know that there is need for converting OST files into PST file format. For performing such conversion there is a need for a countermeasures, which helps in exporting OST file into PST file format in a flawless manner. One such solution for converting files is by using a third party software named as OST Recovery, which migrate offline OST files into Outlook PST file format. In this review page, we are going to study about the same in brief.


OST Recovery tool is a migration software, designed for providing end-users an easy approach for migrating Outlook storage files i.e. OST to PST migration. It flawlessly converts entire data of Outlook like emails, calendars, tasks, etc., without any data loss during the conversion. It breaks down the converted PST files into small-size PST file, if required and holds the Metadata of each mail like status of mail, message dates, etc., after the conversion too. Moreover, it does not have any file size limitation and has been tested with 16 GB of OST file.

Editions of OST Recovery Software 

The OST Recovery tool is available in two variations i.e. Free Edition and Licensed Edition. According to end-user need, one can go for any of the versions. 

l Free Edition 

The Trial/Free editions of OST Recovery is freely available in web market for downloading application from the official website and installing it on machine. However, there is a limitation with this edition that only 25 Items/Folders can be exported from OST to PST file. 

l Licensed Edition

The purchase/licensed/full edition of the software is available on official website. End user will have to purchase this full software from company’s official website. Moreover, this version does not have any limitation with it and user can migrate entire offline OST data files into PST file. 

Fundamental Features

OST Recovery software is being initiated for migrating Outlook storage files, i.e. OST to PST file. This migration will provide users with an open proprietary file, which is accessible on any Windows machine having Outlook desktop application in it. Below-mentioned are some fundamental features of this tool

Conversion of Specific Files or Folder

The software provides a selective migration i.e. user can select a particular file or folder from source OST file and then convert that selected folder or file into PST file format.

Preserves the Folder Hierarchy

After the conversion, the folder hierarchy is maintained. The folder structure of chosen OST file and output PST file will be identical.

Conversion with Filtering Options

At the time of exporting data from source OST file, user has an option to mention a particular date range. This will convert and archive the data only of that particular date range, which is mentioned by user.

Conversion Without MS Outlook

 The software does not require Outlook application on machine for performing conversion. However, MS Outlook is needed only when user want to access the output PST file.

Splitting Converted PST Files

 While exporting OST data, user have an option to break down the output PST file into several parts. Mention the size (in GB), and software will generate the multiple PST files of mentioned size.


  1. l Provide previewing of source OST file 
  2. l MS Outlook installation is not mandatory 
  3. l Provide a conversion report in CSV format 
  4. l Maintains the data integrity after conversion 


  •  At once, only one file can be migrated to PST 


After going through the whole information about the software with its pros and cons, one can wind up with the fact that the best approach for performing OST to PST migration will be by using OST. It provide a speedy conversion and export the data without any data loss during conversion procedure. The tool has an attractive GUI interface and provide many useful features at the time of conversion. The software can be rated 9.2/10 because it does not support more than one PST file at a time of conversion.

Ultimate PST Convertor Tool Reviewed By Techbulk In 2016

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How To Watch Or Play 3D Movies On Pc/Laptop Using VLC Player

Actually 3-dimensional video is a motion picture which shows an extra dimension of a movie clip. Now the question is you can watch 3-d movies on PC or Laptop which doesn't have 3-d screen ? "Answer is yes". By using VLC Player you can watch 3d movies on your laptop or pc by just changing the settings. You may thought other players also can play 3d side by side format but other media players split the screen here VLC player will help you. All you need is anaglyph 3d glasses.

Note: In vlc media player only problem is you can watch video in red and cyan colors.

Steps To Watch 3D video in VLC Media Player 

Let me explain you how to change your normal video to 3D mode in vlc media player. Just follow this simple steps.

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  • Click on 'TOOLS' > Effects & Filters

  • It displays you one Pop Up window there go to > Video Effects Tab

  • Then select advanced tab and check Anaglyph 3D.
  •  That's Now you can watch 3D movies on your Laptop Or PC by using Vlc Media Player.
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Thursday, 30 June 2016

7 Useful Android Apps That are Not Available On Apple Iphone

Even though apple Iphone  have wide range of  apps available in its apple store. When compare to android app store apple doesn't allow most of the apps that are available in android market.There are so many Innovative apps in android among them,  I listed top 7  android apps which makes your Iphone friend jealous after knowing these apps are only available on android operating system.
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Innovative android apps doesn't have access to Apple Iphone

Hover Chat

Hover chat is a great Idea of developers. You can chat with your buddies while watching movie or using an another app by reducing opacity of conversation window as transparent as possible.

Image & App: Ninja Apps

Light flow

Do ever think If your phone LED light have multiple colors for notifications. Yes it will be possible with flow light app which makes your life colorful. You can assign specific color for each notification for Whatsapp , SMS, Email, remainder and also for low battery notification.

Image & App : Reactle

Avast Mobile Security And Antivirus

Android app store will give complete freedom to developers to get Innovative apps like hover chat, picsart photo studio and many more. If there is no restriction to the developers some might be create a malicious apps which can damage your mobile phone. To protect your mobile  from malicious apps, viruses, trojans avast mobile security & antivirus is the best app. It scans for virus, malicious files in phone and remove them. It also comes with some special features like antitheft tracking feature, more over you can take a snap and record audio remotely when your android phone is stolen or lost.

Image & App : AVAST Software

App Lock Face/Voice Recognition

This app uses bio-metric security features to lock or unlock apps. App lock will unlock an app when only It recognize your  face and voice. you can set a own phrase to unlock app. By using this app no one can hack your apps with out your knowledge.

Image & App : Sensory Teru;ly Secure

Audify Notification Reader

Audify notification reader is a must have app for mobile users while driving a car or riding on bike It is not safe to check notifications every time. Audify makes It easy by reading every notification through speakers or headset and also bluetooth or wireless devices.

Image & App : Appkiddo

ADV Screen Recorder

ADV screen recorder is exclusively developed for android operating systems. You can use this app without any restrictions more over no need to root your device to install it on your android. You can record  any functions or multiple tasks performed on your phone can be recorded as a video.

Image & App : ByteRev

Google Opinion Rewards

Google will pay you for giving your opinions on surveys. Actually they conduct weekly once or more when ever you get a notification you can participate on those related survey you can earn upto $1 play store cash.
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Image & App : Google Inc

I found few more apps like this but I don't feel I worth If you know any other apps like this let me know through comments or you can contact me.

Monday, 27 June 2016

7 Trending Must Have Apps & Games like Radar, Bit Torrent Now And More in 2016

There are so many popular apps around the market ( android, IOS, Windows, blackberry). Among that I short listed 7 trending apps like radar, bit torrent now, hyper burner and many more. Note all of the apps are not for free to get complete features of few apps you have to spend some bugs on It.
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7 Must Have Apps In 2016 By Techbulk

Hyper Burner

Hyperburner is a game especially designed for mobiles with smooth and responsive free steering, you can play this game on both portrait and landscape. It makes you crazy by increasing dangerous zones in each and every level. Hyperburner definetly makes you feel like playing an elegant sci fi Interfaced game.

$2.99 : IOS

Image : Patrick cook


Blink is a free app available on IOS. You can take screenshots of particular portion, add text and emoji to It. You can  create your own memes from things you see on Internet and share them with your friends.

Free : IOS

Image : Prism Labs


ELSA stands for "English Language Speech Assistant" which is specially designed for non English speakers. It will teaches you how to pronounce a particular word and when to stress certain words in a sentences.

Free : IOS Android

Image : ELSA Corp

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a great app to edit Images. In this you can add borders, masks, draw, objects or elements and share It with the community to know some more effects and filters hidden in the app by seeing others work. Latest user Interface of the app makes you easy to transform your pictures by applying brush effects and using different modes.

Free : IOS Android

Image : PICSART, Inc

BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent Now is a legacy of established file sharing service BitTorrent. BitTorrent now app allows you to watch videos and listen to music which are composed by underground artists you never heard their names. BitTorrent Now is a great platform to showcase your talent by uploading your own albums and videos Individually. 

Free : Android

My Eye Spy

My Eye Spy is an very Interesting app ever you can spy with your little eye. It allows you to share your own picture or choose a provided photo and select an object which you want, to find by your opponent and then highlight the area. Now you can Invite your friends in contacts or strangers in the community to find out the object you have highlighted in a picture. Trust me very Interesting game try It once.

Free : IOS


Radar is the best app while traveling or planning a tour to unknown destination. It comes with complete stuff of Emails, packages, best places to visit or to eat. If you have an radar app in your mobile you can plan your own route with your unique Interests. Only thing you have to do is login with yahoo account,

Free : IOS

Image : YAHOO

I wrote this article after long analysis and short research. Do you know few more Interesting apps which are most trending in any platform like IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry. Let us know through comments or contact form

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How To Secure Your Whatsapp Account With End To End Encryption

Messagin giant Whatsapp is the most admired Instant messenger by the people because of Its unique features like messages, chat, calls, document sharing, location sharing with your pals. Now Whatsapp has 1 Billion users over the world. Previous there are so many updates are rolled out but this time whatsapp comes with End To End Encryption for your whatsapp account. 

The main Intension of this update is secure your whatsapp account from cyber criminals, thirdparty- softwares, even whatsapp employees can't see your chat, calls, pictures, videos whatever you can share It in whatsapp account with your friends each and every Individual user will be encrytped, It will be completely secured with End To End Encryption.

This update is announced by jan koum co-founder of Whatsapp, revealing that Whatsapp has always working to protect your privacy and data more secure as possible. Now Whatsapp is the only messenger which can protect your communication with each and every individual user of your Whatsapp contacts by enabling End To End Protection. This feature of Whatsapp is available for almost all Operating Systems such as Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry OS and other mobile oeprating systems.

I know most of the people don't know what is exactly End To End encryption and How It will protects your communication and data from hackers and Government authorities.

What is End To End Encryption? 

Let me explain you clearly encryption means converting the plain text or any other media into code format. This cannot be accessible by the Government authorities, hackers, or any third party apps because of End To End encryption.

 How Whatsapp End To End Encryption Will secure your Whatsapp Account?

From last couple of years Whatsapp teamed up with non-profitable software group whisper systems. This encryption is developed on single protocol they rolled out this feature on every single platform on which Whatsapp is available.

Once the End To End encryption is enabled to any Individual user no need to reactivate this, except existing session is stopped or un-installation of an app from the device.

How To Enable End To End Encryption On Your Mobile Or Device ?

  • Whatsapp enabled this feature by default. if you and your friends have latest version of whatsapp and all communication will be encrypted.
  •  Once you open a chat Whatsapp dispalys you a popup message whta exactly End To End Encryption.
  •  Now click on verify It will take you to QR Code which has string of 60 numbers.
  • Now take your friend mobile and scan the QR code from your phone If code is matched your chat is encrypted.
  • If QR Code doesn't match it will show you exclamation mark displaying code is not matched.
After a long time I wrote this article frankly speaking I am not able to put complete effort while writing on this post. If you found any mistakes or doubts that are raised in your mind, let me know through your contacts or you can contact me through contact us.

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Ultimate PST Convertor Tool Reviewed By Techbulk In 2016

PST Converter: Ultimate Tool for Converting PST to 3+ File Formats

As the business works are now carried with the support of Outlook, sometime it requires a conversion. Consider the situation,

“For a seminar presentation, the HR of the organization had to take few print outs of the important mails send to him by the GM. Since Outlook doesn’t provide the provision of printing the emails, there occurs a problem”

This session describes about PST Converter software which helps the user to overcome such situations.

Short Description of Tool

PST Converter is designed to convert the PST file to 3+ file formats such as, EML, MSG, PDF and vCard. The software converts the emails, contacts, calendars etc. of the Outlook PST file to any of the file format as per the user’s request. The standing feature of the tool is it works without the aid of MS Outlook in the machine. This application allows the users to use the PST files in other email platforms like, Outlook Express, Adobe Acrobat application, Windows Live Mail etc. From the upcoming session, you will get to know more about the tool; its features, merits, drawbacks, technical details etc.

Technical Details

Name: PST Converter

Version: 2.0

Size: 18.1 MB

Processor: 1 GHz but, 2.4 GHz is recommended

RAM: 512 MB possible but, 1 GB is recommended

Supported versions:

Supports all versions of Windows OS 8.1 and below and Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista users should launch the tool as ‘Run As Administrator’.

Microsoft Outlook- Supports 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010(32/64 bit), 2013 (32/64 bit) and 32 bit of Outlook 2016 version.

Now, let us see its prominent features.

Proficient Features at a Glance

Batch Conversion

Users can convert bulk PST files to other file formats. All the contacts, emails, calendars, tasks etc. can be transferred to other formats supported by Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc.

Export to 4 Formats

If you want to export the PST contacts to your phone, the vCard conversion feature will help you out. Apart from converting to vCard, the software enables the transferring of PST data to EML, MSG and PDF. The conversion to PDF format supports you with printing out the important documents.

Selective Export

The utility has the provision for selective export of the data. Users can choose the data, either the whole or selective data that has to be exported to the file formats. It converts all the content along with the attachments, if any. Users have to just check the checkboxes provided to select the emails. 

These are some of the features of the tool. Now, see the features that make the tool Outstanding.

Outstanding Features

Powerful Scan

If your PST files are corrupted or damaged, don’t panic. The tool is designed to support corrupted files as well. The ‘Advance’ scan option implemented renders the conversion of damaged PST files. It doesn’t matters if the file is highly corrupted; tool recovers the file and helps in exporting.

Filtering Option

The software helps in filtering the emails before exporting them to the desired file format. Users can prefer the mails by specifying the range under the ‘Mail Filter’ option. This facility helps in selecting the desired mails you want.

Multiple View Option

The tool is powerful; it previews the items of the PST file after scanning. You can get the Hex View for checking the manipulation done, if any. Moreover, the software gives the ‘Message Header View’, ‘Properties View’, ‘Email Hop View’ etc. 

Pros & Cons


The tool has some facilities and that makes it different from others like the user-friendly interface. It is not like other tool, requires only less technical knowledge and is easy to work with. With the utility, user can convert their corrupted or damaged PST files to any of the file formats. Moreover, the time consumed by the manual conversion methods will get eliminated and with the original content formatting all the data will get converted.


If you keenly observe the tool, cons of the tool will not be visible. This simple application has no drawbacks but, if you think that it only scans a single file and that is its demerits. Then, it cannot be counted as the one of the drawback since the size of the file it scans is not restricted. For the fewer prices, to get one such tool is far difficult.

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Final Verdict  

At the bottom line, it can be concluded that PSTconverter tool is a useful product for the conversion of PST files to different file formats. The tool is affordable and is simple to use as well, much effort is not needed. With the utility, users get many facilities such as, to convert the Outlook PST file to Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail etc. or to take the print of the desired mails using the PDF conversion option or to export the contacts to your phone etc. With one tool you get many different options and that makes the tool outstanding. If rating of the tool is considered, it can be rated as 4.3/5.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Top Andoird Puzzle Games For Nerds

Smartphones have taken the stand in this generation. Buying a new smartphone online is not a big issue anymore and its affordable as well, thanks to all the latest shopclues coupons. Gaming is one of the essential zone of utilization and motivation for buying a new smartphone. In this post we are going to talk about my personal favourites and I love every one of those basic riddle games which make you totally intoxicated. For that reason ive listed a few ones that I personally love to play or have played or completed or have given up presently. SO, here we go

Candy Crush Saga:

This one needs no introduction. You know the popularity of the game with all the requests you keep getting on Facebook and other places. The game is popular to the point that it has its own particular arrangements of image and satire features, in addition to very much a couple thump offs as well. Be that as it may, the first Candy Crush is still at top of the slope.. The amusement has included numerous new components now and is more energizing than some time recently.
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Block Puzzle Mania:

This is an extremely intriguing game. You need to mastermind Tetris like shapes in a board physically to form in a line. On the off chance that you can't fit the given piece any longer the game is over. Well, that is it, in light of the fact that the application doesn't have any additional components. There is one and only mode and an alternative to interface your Google account


Framed has a remarkable gameplay roused by comic book boards. As you watch the movement comic story of your hero, players can revise every page's comic boards in a manner that permits the players character to effectively advance through every page's different riddles. It's a basic, exquisite thought that makes for simple gameplay, and consolidates well with the comic book workmanship and soundtrack for a flawless impact on your mind.

Laser Break:

This is yet another profoundly addictive riddle game which guarantees to snatch your consideration right from the begining. It's somewhat flighty in its methodology and doesn't impersonate most puzzle games that are accessible today. The diversion has a free and a paid variant, with the free form pressing 30 playable levels. What's more, just on the off chance that you like the game past those levels, you can decide to put resources into a professional permit. The game takes after a straightforward methodology which includes clients needing to break the objective by any methods essential. 

Super Hexagon:

This one has been specially made for the people who love geometry. It's not ordinary you go over recreations like these which both test your aptitudes and keep you snared. While the outline of the diversion has been lauded, it's truly hard to ace, which is the ideal mix for a riddle game. The thought here is to stay away from the lines impending towards your hexagons. It's speed arranged and can be exceptionally dubious. 

Tetris Blitz:

Tetris Blitz is endless supply of the most famous and conspicuous games on the planet. Made by EA, they have included numerous extraordinary elements and graphical impacts which spruce up the general gameplay. No more you need to simply watch a line vanishing, there are blasts which will abandon you in Frenzy. Talking about which the new Frenzy mode keeps you on toes giving you twofold focuses for every clearing. 
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Hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you are a puzzle geek then you ought to love these games. If you don’t have a smartphone do checkout these amazing Ebay coupons and utilize them to save extra Cash.