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5 Must Have Social Sharing Buttons To Increase Website Traffic

It is difficult to get unique visitors to your blog frequently. Most of the newbies are struggling to get traffic to their blog or website. At Initial stages they eagerly add too many subscriptions options to the readers which makes really confusing where they have to share your article. So you have to optimize your subscription by choice there are so many social media buttons, news letter subscriptions are available for blog. Here you choose wisely, among those which are the good social networking sites that really add new subscribers to your blog and also brings you massive traffic to your blog from social media.
SEO is not consistent It is changing everyday so keep It in your mind and optimize your site to achieve good Alexa rank, Google page rank and get massive traffic from social networking sites. Here are the must have subscriptions for every blog or website.
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Must Have Social Sharing Buttons To Increase Website Traffic

Before Going to know about best Social Sharing buttons remember that feedburner is the most Important one everyone should add to their blog or website. That's why I didn't mention in the list of must have Social sharing buttons.

Facebook : When coming to Social Sharing Buttons for a blog Facebook fan page will be in the top of the list. Facebook have more than 1 Billion users but remember one thing It doesn't leverage search engine rank. If you have a large amount of followers on fan page you definitely get massive traffic from Facebook which can helps to get good awareness of your brand. Now a days fan pages are less responsive because of algorithm changed by Facebook, even you will get huge traffic If you have a fan page with large number of followers.

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Twitter : No doubt twitter is the best place for online marketing. Every blog or website must have an official twitter account on brand name to bring more social media attention on your blog or website. For twitter there are so many automated tools that are really helpful to auto scheduling, send automated direct message to your followers

Google+ Follow Button : Google Plus is a highly recommended Social Sharing Button for every blog. For every blogger and digital marketer must have their own Google plus profile and brand page. Definitely you will benefit a lot and you can also add Google+ button for every page to share your post on Google Plus. 

Pinterest : Pinterest is really helpful to get good traffic to your blog, If you are uploading attractive Images to your posts. Pinterest have boards and pins If reader found Image is Informative and attractive definitely they will pin It. There is an option for a blog or website to add Pinterest button for every Images you upload in the blog. To add Pinterest button on every Image you need to add a simple code to your HTML. No doubt If you are good at creating Interesting and attractive Images definitely you will get a good attention from Pinterest.

YouTube Subscription : If you are a Internet marketer definitely you are well known about YouTube channel. Add Subscription button to your YouTube channel on blog or website, why because observe that you will search for any thing on Google at least you can see one video related to the topic. YouTube channel is the best way to rank your home page by adding videos related to your niche, brand or product.

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In my view these are the best Social Sharing Buttons to drive massive traffic to your blog and also helps to Improve page rank. If you have any other Ideas to Increase blog traffic and subscribers. Let me know through comments.


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