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How To Use Google Maps Offline Navigation On Android And Iphone

We know that Google maps are really helpful to show navigation while traveling or you go some where new place and want to find any particular point. But If you don't get Internet signal It is highly Impossible to you to get navigation of the root map. To resolve this problem Google started offline navigation for android and Iphone users. In offline mode traffic and navigation for specific address cannot be shown, but you can Identify where you are and makes It easy to reach your destination with the help of Google maps offline navigation.

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This feature is only available for android and IOS operating system users. 
  • For android users download ( Google map version 8 offline ) 
  • For IOS users download ( Google map version 3 offline )
Let me explain you how to save Google maps for offline use on android and IOS. All you need to do is just follow my below step by step guide.

How To Save Google Maps Offline In Android And Iphone?

  1. To use this feature need to sign in  to your Google account.
  2. Go to search bar and type "OK Maps" and hit enter.
  3. Now It will display one dailogue box asking you to "save" this map. You can save It by clicking on the save button at the bottom.
  4. Now you can zoom In or zoom out map and select your location you want to use It on offline and click on save button.
  5. Remember one thing when you click on save button, It will download area displayed on screen only, so zoom In to your particular area you want to use and save It. Suppose If you want to save large area better to zoom out and click on save.
  6. One more thing when you click on save button It will ask you to give name, add specific name to recognize It later for Google maps offline navigation.
That's It now you can use your saved maps when you are on offline mode or don't have Internet connection. Just click on your profile their you can see your saved maps. Remember that Google maps for offline navigation are designed with some limitations.
  • You cannot Zoom In too much.
  • Saved maps are only available for one month only.
  • Navigation for specific addresses cannot be shown and traffic also.
That's It guys regarding  to this If you are facing any problems while Installing Google maps or saving Google maps offline. Let me know through comments and give your valuable feed back to Improve my quality and other things.

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