Monday, 27 June 2016

7 Trending Must Have Apps & Games like Radar, Bit Torrent Now And More in 2016

There are so many popular apps around the market ( android, IOS, Windows, blackberry). Among that I short listed 7 trending apps like radar, bit torrent now, hyper burner and many more. Note all of the apps are not for free to get complete features of few apps you have to spend some bugs on It.
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7 Must Have Apps In 2016 By Techbulk

Hyper Burner

Hyperburner is a game especially designed for mobiles with smooth and responsive free steering, you can play this game on both portrait and landscape. It makes you crazy by increasing dangerous zones in each and every level. Hyperburner definetly makes you feel like playing an elegant sci fi Interfaced game.

$2.99 : IOS

Image : Patrick cook


Blink is a free app available on IOS. You can take screenshots of particular portion, add text and emoji to It. You can  create your own memes from things you see on Internet and share them with your friends.

Free : IOS

Image : Prism Labs


ELSA stands for "English Language Speech Assistant" which is specially designed for non English speakers. It will teaches you how to pronounce a particular word and when to stress certain words in a sentences.

Free : IOS Android

Image : ELSA Corp

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a great app to edit Images. In this you can add borders, masks, draw, objects or elements and share It with the community to know some more effects and filters hidden in the app by seeing others work. Latest user Interface of the app makes you easy to transform your pictures by applying brush effects and using different modes.

Free : IOS Android

Image : PICSART, Inc

BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent Now is a legacy of established file sharing service BitTorrent. BitTorrent now app allows you to watch videos and listen to music which are composed by underground artists you never heard their names. BitTorrent Now is a great platform to showcase your talent by uploading your own albums and videos Individually. 

Free : Android

My Eye Spy

My Eye Spy is an very Interesting app ever you can spy with your little eye. It allows you to share your own picture or choose a provided photo and select an object which you want, to find by your opponent and then highlight the area. Now you can Invite your friends in contacts or strangers in the community to find out the object you have highlighted in a picture. Trust me very Interesting game try It once.

Free : IOS


Radar is the best app while traveling or planning a tour to unknown destination. It comes with complete stuff of Emails, packages, best places to visit or to eat. If you have an radar app in your mobile you can plan your own route with your unique Interests. Only thing you have to do is login with yahoo account,

Free : IOS

Image : YAHOO

I wrote this article after long analysis and short research. Do you know few more Interesting apps which are most trending in any platform like IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry. Let us know through comments or contact form


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