Thursday, 30 June 2016

7 Useful Android Apps That are Not Available On Apple Iphone

Even though apple Iphone  have wide range of  apps available in its apple store. When compare to android app store apple doesn't allow most of the apps that are available in android market.There are so many Innovative apps in android among them,  I listed top 7  android apps which makes your Iphone friend jealous after knowing these apps are only available on android operating system.
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Innovative android apps doesn't have access to Apple Iphone

Hover Chat

Hover chat is a great Idea of developers. You can chat with your buddies while watching movie or using an another app by reducing opacity of conversation window as transparent as possible.

Image & App: Ninja Apps

Light flow

Do ever think If your phone LED light have multiple colors for notifications. Yes it will be possible with flow light app which makes your life colorful. You can assign specific color for each notification for Whatsapp , SMS, Email, remainder and also for low battery notification.

Image & App : Reactle

Avast Mobile Security And Antivirus

Android app store will give complete freedom to developers to get Innovative apps like hover chat, picsart photo studio and many more. If there is no restriction to the developers some might be create a malicious apps which can damage your mobile phone. To protect your mobile  from malicious apps, viruses, trojans avast mobile security & antivirus is the best app. It scans for virus, malicious files in phone and remove them. It also comes with some special features like antitheft tracking feature, more over you can take a snap and record audio remotely when your android phone is stolen or lost.

Image & App : AVAST Software

App Lock Face/Voice Recognition

This app uses bio-metric security features to lock or unlock apps. App lock will unlock an app when only It recognize your  face and voice. you can set a own phrase to unlock app. By using this app no one can hack your apps with out your knowledge.

Image & App : Sensory Teru;ly Secure

Audify Notification Reader

Audify notification reader is a must have app for mobile users while driving a car or riding on bike It is not safe to check notifications every time. Audify makes It easy by reading every notification through speakers or headset and also bluetooth or wireless devices.

Image & App : Appkiddo

ADV Screen Recorder

ADV screen recorder is exclusively developed for android operating systems. You can use this app without any restrictions more over no need to root your device to install it on your android. You can record  any functions or multiple tasks performed on your phone can be recorded as a video.

Image & App : ByteRev

Google Opinion Rewards

Google will pay you for giving your opinions on surveys. Actually they conduct weekly once or more when ever you get a notification you can participate on those related survey you can earn upto $1 play store cash.
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Image & App : Google Inc

I found few more apps like this but I don't feel I worth If you know any other apps like this let me know through comments or you can contact me.


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