Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How To Watch Or Play 3D Movies On Pc/Laptop Using VLC Player

Actually 3-dimensional video is a motion picture which shows an extra dimension of a movie clip. Now the question is you can watch 3-d movies on PC or Laptop which doesn't have 3-d screen ? "Answer is yes". By using VLC Player you can watch 3d movies on your laptop or pc by just changing the settings. You may thought other players also can play 3d side by side format but other media players split the screen here VLC player will help you. All you need is anaglyph 3d glasses.

Note: In vlc media player only problem is you can watch video in red and cyan colors.

Steps To Watch 3D video in VLC Media Player 

Let me explain you how to change your normal video to 3D mode in vlc media player. Just follow this simple steps.

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  • Click on 'TOOLS' > Effects & Filters

  • It displays you one Pop Up window there go to > Video Effects Tab

  • Then select advanced tab and check Anaglyph 3D.
  •  That's Now you can watch 3D movies on your Laptop Or PC by using Vlc Media Player.
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