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Thursday, 30 June 2016

7 Useful Android Apps That are Not Available On Apple Iphone

Even though apple Iphone  have wide range of  apps available in its apple store. When compare to android app store apple doesn't allow most of the apps that are available in android market.There are so many Innovative apps in android among them,  I listed top 7  android apps which makes your Iphone friend jealous after knowing these apps are only available on android operating system.
Download And Play candy crush saga game free for pc

Innovative android apps doesn't have access to Apple Iphone

Hover Chat

Hover chat is a great Idea of developers. You can chat with your buddies while watching movie or using an another app by reducing opacity of conversation window as transparent as possible.

Image & App: Ninja Apps

Light flow

Do ever think If your phone LED light have multiple colors for notifications. Yes it will be possible with flow light app which makes your life colorful. You can assign specific color for each notification for Whatsapp , SMS, Email, remainder and also for low battery notification.

Image & App : Reactle

Avast Mobile Security And Antivirus

Android app store will give complete freedom to developers to get Innovative apps like hover chat, picsart photo studio and many more. If there is no restriction to the developers some might be create a malicious apps which can damage your mobile phone. To protect your mobile  from malicious apps, viruses, trojans avast mobile security & antivirus is the best app. It scans for virus, malicious files in phone and remove them. It also comes with some special features like antitheft tracking feature, more over you can take a snap and record audio remotely when your android phone is stolen or lost.

Image & App : AVAST Software

App Lock Face/Voice Recognition

This app uses bio-metric security features to lock or unlock apps. App lock will unlock an app when only It recognize your  face and voice. you can set a own phrase to unlock app. By using this app no one can hack your apps with out your knowledge.

Image & App : Sensory Teru;ly Secure

Audify Notification Reader

Audify notification reader is a must have app for mobile users while driving a car or riding on bike It is not safe to check notifications every time. Audify makes It easy by reading every notification through speakers or headset and also bluetooth or wireless devices.

Image & App : Appkiddo

ADV Screen Recorder

ADV screen recorder is exclusively developed for android operating systems. You can use this app without any restrictions more over no need to root your device to install it on your android. You can record  any functions or multiple tasks performed on your phone can be recorded as a video.

Image & App : ByteRev

Google Opinion Rewards

Google will pay you for giving your opinions on surveys. Actually they conduct weekly once or more when ever you get a notification you can participate on those related survey you can earn upto $1 play store cash.
How To Use Google Maps Offline Navigation On Android And Iphone

Image & App : Google Inc

I found few more apps like this but I don't feel I worth If you know any other apps like this let me know through comments or you can contact me.

Monday, 27 June 2016

7 Trending Must Have Apps & Games like Radar, Bit Torrent Now And More in 2016

There are so many popular apps around the market ( android, IOS, Windows, blackberry). Among that I short listed 7 trending apps like radar, bit torrent now, hyper burner and many more. Note all of the apps are not for free to get complete features of few apps you have to spend some bugs on It.
Add Password Protection To Your Google Play Store App To Avoid Unwanted Purchases

7 Must Have Apps In 2016 By Techbulk

Hyper Burner

Hyperburner is a game especially designed for mobiles with smooth and responsive free steering, you can play this game on both portrait and landscape. It makes you crazy by increasing dangerous zones in each and every level. Hyperburner definetly makes you feel like playing an elegant sci fi Interfaced game.

$2.99 : IOS

Image : Patrick cook


Blink is a free app available on IOS. You can take screenshots of particular portion, add text and emoji to It. You can  create your own memes from things you see on Internet and share them with your friends.

Free : IOS

Image : Prism Labs


ELSA stands for "English Language Speech Assistant" which is specially designed for non English speakers. It will teaches you how to pronounce a particular word and when to stress certain words in a sentences.

Free : IOS Android

Image : ELSA Corp

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a great app to edit Images. In this you can add borders, masks, draw, objects or elements and share It with the community to know some more effects and filters hidden in the app by seeing others work. Latest user Interface of the app makes you easy to transform your pictures by applying brush effects and using different modes.

Free : IOS Android

Image : PICSART, Inc

BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent Now is a legacy of established file sharing service BitTorrent. BitTorrent now app allows you to watch videos and listen to music which are composed by underground artists you never heard their names. BitTorrent Now is a great platform to showcase your talent by uploading your own albums and videos Individually. 

Free : Android

My Eye Spy

My Eye Spy is an very Interesting app ever you can spy with your little eye. It allows you to share your own picture or choose a provided photo and select an object which you want, to find by your opponent and then highlight the area. Now you can Invite your friends in contacts or strangers in the community to find out the object you have highlighted in a picture. Trust me very Interesting game try It once.

Free : IOS


Radar is the best app while traveling or planning a tour to unknown destination. It comes with complete stuff of Emails, packages, best places to visit or to eat. If you have an radar app in your mobile you can plan your own route with your unique Interests. Only thing you have to do is login with yahoo account,

Free : IOS

Image : YAHOO

I wrote this article after long analysis and short research. Do you know few more Interesting apps which are most trending in any platform like IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry. Let us know through comments or contact form

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How To Secure Your Whatsapp Account With End To End Encryption

Messagin giant Whatsapp is the most admired Instant messenger by the people because of Its unique features like messages, chat, calls, document sharing, location sharing with your pals. Now Whatsapp has 1 Billion users over the world. Previous there are so many updates are rolled out but this time whatsapp comes with End To End Encryption for your whatsapp account. 

The main Intension of this update is secure your whatsapp account from cyber criminals, thirdparty- softwares, even whatsapp employees can't see your chat, calls, pictures, videos whatever you can share It in whatsapp account with your friends each and every Individual user will be encrytped, It will be completely secured with End To End Encryption.

This update is announced by jan koum co-founder of Whatsapp, revealing that Whatsapp has always working to protect your privacy and data more secure as possible. Now Whatsapp is the only messenger which can protect your communication with each and every individual user of your Whatsapp contacts by enabling End To End Protection. This feature of Whatsapp is available for almost all Operating Systems such as Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry OS and other mobile oeprating systems.

I know most of the people don't know what is exactly End To End encryption and How It will protects your communication and data from hackers and Government authorities.

What is End To End Encryption? 

Let me explain you clearly encryption means converting the plain text or any other media into code format. This cannot be accessible by the Government authorities, hackers, or any third party apps because of End To End encryption.

 How Whatsapp End To End Encryption Will secure your Whatsapp Account?

From last couple of years Whatsapp teamed up with non-profitable software group whisper systems. This encryption is developed on single protocol they rolled out this feature on every single platform on which Whatsapp is available.

Once the End To End encryption is enabled to any Individual user no need to reactivate this, except existing session is stopped or un-installation of an app from the device.

How To Enable End To End Encryption On Your Mobile Or Device ?

  • Whatsapp enabled this feature by default. if you and your friends have latest version of whatsapp and all communication will be encrypted.
  •  Once you open a chat Whatsapp dispalys you a popup message whta exactly End To End Encryption.
  •  Now click on verify It will take you to QR Code which has string of 60 numbers.
  • Now take your friend mobile and scan the QR code from your phone If code is matched your chat is encrypted.
  • If QR Code doesn't match it will show you exclamation mark displaying code is not matched.
After a long time I wrote this article frankly speaking I am not able to put complete effort while writing on this post. If you found any mistakes or doubts that are raised in your mind, let me know through your contacts or you can contact me through contact us.

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Top Andoird Puzzle Games For Nerds

Smartphones have taken the stand in this generation. Buying a new smartphone online is not a big issue anymore and its affordable as well, thanks to all the latest shopclues coupons. Gaming is one of the essential zone of utilization and motivation for buying a new smartphone. In this post we are going to talk about my personal favourites and I love every one of those basic riddle games which make you totally intoxicated. For that reason ive listed a few ones that I personally love to play or have played or completed or have given up presently. SO, here we go

Candy Crush Saga:

This one needs no introduction. You know the popularity of the game with all the requests you keep getting on Facebook and other places. The game is popular to the point that it has its own particular arrangements of image and satire features, in addition to very much a couple thump offs as well. Be that as it may, the first Candy Crush is still at top of the slope.. The amusement has included numerous new components now and is more energizing than some time recently.
Download And Play candy crush saga game free for pc

Block Puzzle Mania:

This is an extremely intriguing game. You need to mastermind Tetris like shapes in a board physically to form in a line. On the off chance that you can't fit the given piece any longer the game is over. Well, that is it, in light of the fact that the application doesn't have any additional components. There is one and only mode and an alternative to interface your Google account


Framed has a remarkable gameplay roused by comic book boards. As you watch the movement comic story of your hero, players can revise every page's comic boards in a manner that permits the players character to effectively advance through every page's different riddles. It's a basic, exquisite thought that makes for simple gameplay, and consolidates well with the comic book workmanship and soundtrack for a flawless impact on your mind.

Laser Break:

This is yet another profoundly addictive riddle game which guarantees to snatch your consideration right from the begining. It's somewhat flighty in its methodology and doesn't impersonate most puzzle games that are accessible today. The diversion has a free and a paid variant, with the free form pressing 30 playable levels. What's more, just on the off chance that you like the game past those levels, you can decide to put resources into a professional permit. The game takes after a straightforward methodology which includes clients needing to break the objective by any methods essential. 

Super Hexagon:

This one has been specially made for the people who love geometry. It's not ordinary you go over recreations like these which both test your aptitudes and keep you snared. While the outline of the diversion has been lauded, it's truly hard to ace, which is the ideal mix for a riddle game. The thought here is to stay away from the lines impending towards your hexagons. It's speed arranged and can be exceptionally dubious. 

Tetris Blitz:

Tetris Blitz is endless supply of the most famous and conspicuous games on the planet. Made by EA, they have included numerous extraordinary elements and graphical impacts which spruce up the general gameplay. No more you need to simply watch a line vanishing, there are blasts which will abandon you in Frenzy. Talking about which the new Frenzy mode keeps you on toes giving you twofold focuses for every clearing. 
Top 10 Best Android Games Free Download
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you are a puzzle geek then you ought to love these games. If you don’t have a smartphone do checkout these amazing Ebay coupons and utilize them to save extra Cash.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Which Is The Most Secured Smartphone ? ( Blackberry Vs Apple Vs Windows Vs Android )

At present in market there are so many companies are entering into the smartphone market. They are manufacturing the mobile phones with reliability, security, user friendly Interface and so many things Include design quality to grab buyers attention. Among these some companies have their own operating system like blackberry and Apple. Remaining will works on android, windows, not but not least Symbian also. You may thought Symbian is an old operating system at present It doesn't have huge market but when coming to It's architecture It protects from malware and bad Intend programs. In this post I don't want to talk too much about Symbian because It is an old operating system at current circumstances whole world depends on  Blackberry, Apple, Android, & Windows operating system smartphones.

Every operating system is developed in its own unique way, when you compared one with another operating system It may differs a lot in security features, Interface and so many things may Include. When coming to the security and all other aspects blackberry, apple, windows and android operating systems give tough fight.

Let us see which is the most secured smartphone among those?

Blackberry OS

No doubt when coming to security no other operating system beats blackberry. Even American President Obama also using blackberry smartphone. It is completely build with corporate grade security and manageability. Some of the features are blackberry balance, protect, ID, app permission Blackberry proxy, built in security, authentication, device wipe, device firewall are the proven concepts for this device.

Apple IOS

When you look at apple I-phone first thing strike's in your mind is user experience. Apple operating system is highly secured because of Its strict application verification policy. How much securely you build the operating system If you allow apps from unknown sources all effort will go drain. Overall apple has enough security and good manageability. But apple OS is not 100% secured because company can bypass the code and access the data and temporary malfunction in Icloud.

9 Disadvantages Of Apple Watch You Must Know Before You Buy

Android OS

When coming to smartphone market no other company can beat android. It has huge share in the smartphone market. Android operating system is open source because of that android OS is exposed to malware and other data loss. To overcome this some android devices have built in security features still we need third party apps to fight against viruses and enterprises mobile security. You cannot control WiFi access and lock down device through MAM ( mobile application management ). Fragmentation is some what tough and other aspects like apps can be developed by their own Individual Interest so there is a lot of chance to malware and wide range of data loss. One thing we have to appreciate even though android operating system have so many security problems most of the smartphone users are showing Interest to buy android operating systems because most of the gaint mobile companies like Samsung, HTC, sony etc are using android OS.

How To Track My Lost Android Phone

Windows OS

Finally Microsoft also entered into smartphone market with Its most famous windows operating system. When coming to windows phone, notification center is awesome, highly Intelligence in performance, compare to android windows have less spammy applications, unique Interface is appreciated when compared with android and I-phone. It has less access to Google and coming to security It has good malware resistance and overall security is good compare to android.

How To Increase Internet Speed In Windows 7

 Final Words....

In my view every operating system have Its pros & cons according to your usability and requirements choose your operating system. As of my research Blackberry is the winner when coming to security and other features that will give amazing user experience. Even apple also have good security and awesome app and software visualization. So choose which suits for your daily personal needs and also in professional front. 

Thanks for reading this article, regarding to this If you have any doubts or other known facts about these operating systems let all of us know through comments.
                           Waiting For Your Valuable Comments & Suggestions

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

How To Use Google Maps Offline Navigation On Android And Iphone

We know that Google maps are really helpful to show navigation while traveling or you go some where new place and want to find any particular point. But If you don't get Internet signal It is highly Impossible to you to get navigation of the root map. To resolve this problem Google started offline navigation for android and Iphone users. In offline mode traffic and navigation for specific address cannot be shown, but you can Identify where you are and makes It easy to reach your destination with the help of Google maps offline navigation.

  Top Most Exciting Features Of Android L(lollipop)

This feature is only available for android and IOS operating system users. 
  • For android users download ( Google map version 8 offline ) 
  • For IOS users download ( Google map version 3 offline )
Let me explain you how to save Google maps for offline use on android and IOS. All you need to do is just follow my below step by step guide.

How To Save Google Maps Offline In Android And Iphone?

  1. To use this feature need to sign in  to your Google account.
  2. Go to search bar and type "OK Maps" and hit enter.
  3. Now It will display one dailogue box asking you to "save" this map. You can save It by clicking on the save button at the bottom.
  4. Now you can zoom In or zoom out map and select your location you want to use It on offline and click on save button.
  5. Remember one thing when you click on save button, It will download area displayed on screen only, so zoom In to your particular area you want to use and save It. Suppose If you want to save large area better to zoom out and click on save.
  6. One more thing when you click on save button It will ask you to give name, add specific name to recognize It later for Google maps offline navigation.
That's It now you can use your saved maps when you are on offline mode or don't have Internet connection. Just click on your profile their you can see your saved maps. Remember that Google maps for offline navigation are designed with some limitations.
  • You cannot Zoom In too much.
  • Saved maps are only available for one month only.
  • Navigation for specific addresses cannot be shown and traffic also.
That's It guys regarding  to this If you are facing any problems while Installing Google maps or saving Google maps offline. Let me know through comments and give your valuable feed back to Improve my quality and other things.

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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Top Indian Apps For Android 2014

As per the survey India is the 3rd largest mobile market in the world. Now a days everyone using smartphones which makes our lifestyle awesome with amazing apps and Its latest features. We know that android has huge market through out the world in mobile market compare to other operating systems like IOS, blackberry os, symbian etc. 

In android we have play store where we can find so many apps that will ease our daily works, book movie tickets, messengers, music box and so many apps for free and premium paid apps.

How To Download & Install Paid Android Apps For Free

In this post I want to share some  Indian apps that are doing awesome performance for all operating systems like Android, Apple, Blackberry and other operating systems too. 

Apps Made In India For Android, Iphone And Their Features

Hike Messenger

Hike is the best alternative for whatsapp messenger. In this we can send SMS along with Instant messaging. 
  • Most Exciting feature of this app is we can send SMS even Internet connection is not available. 
  • One more Interesting feature is we can send PDF, word documents, audio, video, pictures and other media too.
  • So If you have hike messenger in your mobile no need to use Email to send document files.
  • We can send large files up to 100 MB.
  • Hike will give full security to our data. They secure our data by using  128 bit SSL encryption.

Camera Plus

This is a photo editing application there are so many application similar to camera plus. But camera plus has one unique feature which other photo editing applications don't have. By using this app you can choose your own resolution to take photos. For example If your mobile has 8 megapixel camera with these app you can take photos on 2 mega pixel and also you can write text on photos. Present this application is only available for Iphone users. Recently they announced shortly this app will be available for android and other operating systems too.

Real Cricket 14

This app was developed by Nautilus, In India cricket has huge craze so this app company wants Inject It on smartphones through this app. In this app we have 8 master teams from 16 countries, 15 options for fielding selection and so many other option that will double your enthusiasm on cricket.

Sign Easy

This app is especially designed for businessman's and higher officials. Where ever you are in the world you can sign on office documents or other Important files If you have this app on your mobile phone. You can also download files or documents from Email, Dropbox, Google drive and sign on those papers by simply write your signature on screen. One more Interesting feature is this app can support so many other formats like HTML, PNG, JPEG, PDF along with word documents.


I think this app is especially developed for employees. You don't have enough time to contribute to prepare your presentations. By using this app you can also prepare your presentations on tablets. In this app you can do graphics, typography, animation for your presentations easily.

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Thursday, 1 January 2015

How To Disable Or Remove Blue Tick Marks In Whastsapp

If you check whatsapp chat now we are seeing blue tick mark after message successfully delivered. Yes It is a new feature launched by whatsapp recently to know whether our charting partner seen our messages or not. In some times this will be good but most of the times It will causes you so many problems.
How To Sync itunes To Your Android Phone or Tablet

Suppose your girl friend messaged you and she wants to chat with you, that time you are busy and Ignored that messages after seeing. She will knows that you checked her message and don't want to reply It may end your relationship too so be careful guys.

For those who don't want this blue tick marks on chat whatsapp has new beta version for android operating system In this version you can disable blue ticks by disabling read receipt option.

Let me explain you how to disable or remove blue tick mark seen in whatsapp easily by following simple steps.  

How To Download Whatsapp Beta Version For Android Mobiles?

  • To download new beta version of whatsapp you need to enable "unknown sources" in settings. 
  • Then you can download It from whatsapp official website, which is not available at play store.
  • After downloading Install It on your android mobile.
  • Now go to settings>> privacy >> Here you can disable Read Receipt option.
That's It now you can check your whatsapp messages without switch off your mobile data to check. Actually one of my friend do this when ever he don't want to chat he just off the mobile data and check messages to escape from blue tick marks.
How To Hide Last Seen TimeStamp On Whatsapp
Thanks for visiting my blog If you have any Ideas or doubts regarding to this post or other related topics let me know through comments. I will respond to you within 24 hours.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

How To Sync itunes To Your Android Phone or Tablet

Whether you like apple products or not you have to agree that itunes are the best choice to listen music. Most of the music lovers who are using apple gadgets store their music albums, photos, videos in itunes. Even the apple device have lot features and stunning design, If you use It for long time you will get bored. If you buy a new android device but you don't have previous music collection which had stored in itunes. For those people I suggest you the best ways to get back your stuff from itunes to newly brought android phone. 

Double Twist

Double twist is not only for android platform you can use this app on PC and MAC operating systems. It have two versions one is free and another one is paid version "Double Twist Air Sync"  There is a one added feature for this version you can sync your data using WiFi network. Let me tell you how to use this app, Install It on your android device and on PC. Connect your android device through USB cable and select mass storage option. That's It now you can sync your itunes to your android phone. You can download double twist  directly from Google play Store and visit official website for PC version.

Google Play Music

This is the most recommended application to sync your itunes to your android phone. Google play music is an inbuilt app for android devices. If It is not present on your device you can download It from Google play store. One of the Interesting feature of this app is you can sync music files to 20 devices at a time. You can get this app for PC and MAC versions also. I personally recommend this app If you want to sync only music files especially.

Wondershare MobileGo

This is specially developed for android users to sync music files from itune library without any complication and easy to handle the process. It is fully packed features and best replacement for itunes. You can sync  Images, media, contacts to other android devices like tablets and mobile phones. You can download It form Google play store.

Older Method

There is a reason why I suggested this method at the end of the post. This is an old method actually It works very efficiently without any complications and easy process. I suggest that If you are a normal mobile user don't know how to sync itunes to your device with above mentioned apps and methods better to follow this one. All you need is USB cable just connect your mobile phone to your computer and select mass storage drag and drop music files from itunes.

Remember one thing guys you have to move on with latest technology and adopt those things actually that are very helpful to you in future.

I hope this article helps you to transfer music files to your android device from itunes. If It helps you and do me a favour by sharing this article with your friends through social networking sites. Regarding to this article If you have any doubts or you may know any other methods. Let me know through comments thanks for reading this article with patience. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Download And Play candy crush saga game free for pc

There are so many puzzle games to play but candy crush saga is unique puzzle game with awesome graphics and up to 400 levels. At present most trending game for android users is Candy Crush Saga. These game is available for android phones and also you can play this game on Facebook. when you are on PC  If you want to play It offline or your kids want there is no offline version is available. Don't disappoint In this tutorial I will explain you step by step guide to download and play Candy Crush Saga game for free on your PC ( Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, MAC os ).
Download Wechat For PC Windows XP, 7, 8 For Free

Simple Step by Step Guide To Download Candy Crush Saga For PC

  • To download and play Candy crush saga on PC, you need to download and Install an android emulator.
  • Actually there are so many emulators to play android games on PC, among them bluestacks is the best android emulator to run android apps on your PC.
  • So now your first step is download bluestacks for your PC according to your PC operating system.
  • Bluestacks is available for almost all operating systems ( windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, MAC OS ).
  • Checkout the below link to download and Install Bluestacks on your PC 
  • How To Download and Install Bluestacks On Windows 7/8 For Free
  • After Installing bluestacks search for candy crush saga game. I uploaded some screen shots to understand the process easily.
  • Click on the Install button to download and Install on your PC.  
  • It will ask you app permission accept It 
  • After that It will take some time to Install It on your PC depending upon Internet speed and PC requirements. 
  • That's It now you can play Candy Crush Saga on your PC.
Regarding to this tutorial do you have any doubts or while downloading and Install both bluestacks and Candy Crush Saga on your PC feel free to ask through comments.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Top Most Exciting Features Of Android L(lollipop)

Everyone knows that Google launched latest version KitKat  in last September. Now Google accepted that next version is under process which is officially announced at last week. Google I/O released developers version of android L. Till now we are calling It as android L update, don't about what is L? But some of the highly reputed magazines announced that android L means (lollipop), why because previous version named as KitKat so obviously featured version will be sweet-treat android L (lollipop). 
I said that Google I/O released developers version of android L. Android L operating system comes with lot of exciting features and mid-blowing updates. You can Integrate your smartphones with android wear to control notifications, messages and some other applications on your device. Let me explain you most exciting features of android L operating system that makes you really mad about android L(lollipop).

Most Exciting Features Of Android L(lollipop) 

Material Design : Android L comes with completely changed User Interface. Google said that they used new design for their upcoming version android L (lollipop). Newly used design is called as "Material". Which can add extra layers to the apps ( animation, shadows, spaces etc..)
Navigation is also completely new look home, back button everything will get a new look with this android L version, which makes mobile and desktop apps similar and cross platform support.
How To Download Adobe Flash Player For Android
Enhanced Notification : In previous versions you need to unlock to read notifications. In this android L version no need to unlock you can check notifications without unlocking the screen.

Battery Saver Mode : Boost up your battery performance with android L update. Google is working on new project Volta to give more battery life on your device. The mechanism of this is It will separate the each and every functions in to two sections ( high priority and low priority ). Another exciting feature is app download will run only when device is charging all these are done by commands by the user. So definitely android L comes with fully optimized battery saver mode.

Performance : As we expected android L supports 64-bit processor. It means our updated android devices will use complete available RAM.

Security ( Personal Unlocking ) : Security is the key feature of every android device, In this update Google brings latest security feature we can reset our android device remotely In cases It is stolen or lost. You can also unlock your device personally using android smart watches like key less entry for cars and bikes.

Enterprises Integration : Now you can manage both personal and work related apps on android devices more efficiently. When  coming to security Samsung Knox software is also a part of  Android L security wing. It gives more security to the collective data.

Android Run time( ART) Replaced Dalvik Run Time : In previous version Kitkat have an option to use ART and Dalvik. Now Google replaced dalvik with ART. By using ART we can load apps faster and also better memory management. Now your android L phone will never stuck up with progress time.

Android Wear : Even though android wear is different from android L operating system. Apart from that we can manage your handset with android wears because . Suppose you have android smart watch you can Integrate It with your handset. Then you are able to check notification on your phone through android wear and If you clear notification on android wear, It also cleared in your mobile.
How To Download & Install Paid Android Apps For Free

Some  Phones Will Get Android L (lollipop) Update

Already Google said android L is available for developers. This update is available for some smartphones that are able to update their devices with latest android L update. 

If you are a developer and you have Nexus 4, 5, 7, 10 2013 version you are already using android L update, why because Google released update last week for these devices.

If you are not a developer but you are using nexus smartphone or tablet you will get the android L update when official version is released later this year.

Some other phones which will get android L update are HTC one family, motorola X and G both will get this update. In Sony smartphones Xperia x1, x2, ultra, compact will get this update. 

You can check IBtimes for clear Information on which android phones will get android L update. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How To Download & Install Paid Android Apps For Free

Android operating system has largest market for smartphones and also well known for amazing apps, games, themes, utilities and many more, among those most of the apps are available at free of cost and some are paid apps. Most of us don't prefer paid apps, even though It is necessary for our device, we go for other alternates. There are so many ways to download paid apps for free, among those I choose the best methods to download those paid apps.
In this tutorial I will explain you the three best ways to download and Install paid apps for free. Below I explained step by step guide for each and every method, to download paid android apps for free.

 Download Apk File From Websites

I mostly prefer this method, because there are so many application package files ( APK ) are submitted to file sharing websites by android users, who paid for that app and upload It to websites. There are so many file sharing websites among that  best sites that have APK files are freeandroidware, filecrop, mediafire, approb download apk files etc.. But you did not find all APK files in these websites. Then what you have to do is just follow the step by step guide below to download your favorite paid app.

                    "Shortly I will upload video regarding to this tutorial"
  1. Click on Google play store.
  2. Select your desired app.
  3. Click on It open description and just note down the version number.
  4. Open your favorite browser and go to Google search.
  5. In search box type app name along with Its version and add APK at end.
  6. Now you can see so many websites are listed apk files, here you have to put some effort to find your app apk file with good condition0.
  7. Download the APK file and go to file manager to open downloaded APK file.
  8. It will ask you to allow the unknown sources just go to Settings >> Security>>Select Unknown sources that means you allowed to Install apps from other sources.
  9. Now Install the app and enjoy It.

BlackMart Alpha App

In Google store Itself has an app called blackmart alpha app, to download paid apps for free. To download this app just follow the above steps or you can download It from play store.After completing the Installation of this app. 
  • Open It don't panic same Google play store design will appear.
  • Search for your desired and Install directly on your android phone/tablet.

 Note : You can download any paid app through this blackmart alpha app. But you cannot update your app to next version, It may chance to corrupt that app.

Pay For App And Get Refund

I think this is the most genuine way to get paid android apps for free. If you want follow this procedure you should have to Install best file manager such as ES file explorer, Solid Explorer, ASTRO ,  X-plore etc...
  • After Installing the best file manager just follow the below steps very carefully.
  • Remember that for any paid apps in play store there is a 15 minutes trail period after purchasing.
  • So purchase your desired app and after that It will be Installed in your android phone/tablet.
  • Now open your favorite file manager there you can see app manager>>Installed apps. ( options will be change for other file managers).
  • Just copy down or backup the file.
  • To get back your money cancel your order within 15 minutes and your money will be refunded. 
  • Now you can Install It from backup folder again.

That's It you can enjoy the paid app features for free. Regarding to this tutorial If you are facing any problems while downloading those paid apps just comment below or contact us

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Top 10 Best Android Games Free Download

In mobile market android has huge share among all other operating systems. Android offering amazing and useful apps in android market. You can download those apps at Google play store. There are both paid and free apps are available in the market. But most of us don't want to waste our money by purchasing those games or apps. I am also the one don't like to purchase games, so I list out some of the best android games In 2014 that are free to download.

10 Best Free Android Games Free Download

Asphalt 8: Airborne :  Asphalt 8 is the best racing game that is available in the android market. It has amazing graphics and soundtrack. you can play game in different modes by choosing career, unlock cars, online competition, live multiplayer there are so many features to enjoy. You can enjoy this game without paying anything.
Dead Trigger 2 : Dead trigger is a best shooting game after zombie games. This game is designed with great graphics and amazing soundtrack. It has auto-fire mechanism all you have to do is just aim the target correctly that's It. By earning hidden currency in the gameplay you can upgrade weapons, ammo etc.. No doubt dead trigger is must have game for android users in 2014.
Clash Of Clans : If you like to play a game for long time and in a strategic way clash of clans is the best one which you can play with your fellow players online using your real-time strategies. In this game you can build a village and protect It from  enemies and most attracting feature is you can build an army to attack other players when you are playing online. 
Doddle Jump : Doddle jump is well known for I-phone users. After long time It is available for android users. It is not an extensive game but once you play definitely you will be addicted to this micro-game. In this game you have to jump from cloud to cloud endlessly until if you fall down or hit by the enemies.
FIFA 14 By EA Sports : EA sports is well known for their best sports games that are available in android market. Among them FIFA 14 is one the game that is available for free with amazing graphics. In 2014 FIFA world cup season this is worth playing game for android users.
Plants Vs Zombies 2 : Plant vs Zombies 2 is one of the most awaited game in 2013 It have awesome features with unique Idea and also much better than Its previous version. In this game you can protect yourself with plants. No doubt you will experience great with Its stunning graphics and amazing soundtrack.
Dungeon Hunter 4 : Dungeon hunter is best role play game those who likes to play action games along with RPG. You can play multiplayer online. It is an admirable game particularly are stunning during battle. Dungeon hunter 4  is the best RPG game which is available for free on android market.
Galaxy On Fire 2 HD : Galaxy on fire is a best space combat game with high complexity that is available for free. In this game you can play different modes by optimizing spaceships according to your usability. 
Temple Run 2 : Temple run 2 is one of the best android game for free download. Compare to previous version It is enhanced with stunning graphics, unique power for every character, giant monkey etc.. No doubt temple run 2 is worth playing game to get out of from puzzle games. 
Dots : If you are Interested to playing puzzle games no doubt dots is the best choice. In this game all you have to do is join the dots with same colors in limited time or moves. You can play multiplayer on device or using LAN with your friends.
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Sunday, 22 June 2014

How To Download Adobe Flash Player For Android

It's a very bad news for android users, adobe flash player withdraw their support for android devices. No longer flash player app is downloaded from Google play store.It  is an unsatisfactory one, that the largest and most popular operating system for smartphones doesn't have flash player support to their users. Adobe flash player is an essential app to Improve the quality of  web  browsing, streaming videos, Pictures, flash games, apps, web browsing etc.. 
Flash player app is must and should to enhance your web browsing and enjoy all flash games, apps, videos  etc.. But you cannot download It from Google play store. No need to worry still you can download official version for phone with Ice cream sandwich, jellybean, kitkat and also for earlier versions too. 

In this tutorial I will explain you step by step process to download and Install adobe flash player on your android phone/tablet.

Step By Step Guide To Download Adobe Flash Player For Android

  • Make sure that your android device is connected to Internet.
  • Click on Settings >> Security
  • In older version you need to select applications Instead of security.
  • Select Unknown sources that means you allowed to Install apps from other sources.
  • Open web browser on your phone and navigate to adobe flash player 
  • There you can see adobe flash player updates for all versions of android.
  • Choose your suitable update for your device version and just click on It to download.
  • Go to downloads and click on Install_Flash_player_ics.apk
  • After Installing flash player on your device, enable plugins in browser settings.
  • It is better to disable Unknown sources box to secure your device.
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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Download Wechat For PC Windows XP, 7, 8 For Free

Wechat is one the best app similar to Whatsapp. This app is specially designed for smartphone users You can send messages, share media (videos, Images, audio) and also you can use It as a walkie-talkie without any charges. All you need is Internet connection. These app is available for android, blackberry, I-phone, windows, and some other smartphone users. when coming to PC users they want to stay connected with their buddies on wechat while using PC. In this tutorial I will explain you clearly how to download and Install wechat for pc using bluestacks.

Step By Step Guide To Download Wechat For Pc

  • Below you can see the screen shots of both search and Install of we chat. Click on Install button.
  • It will ask app permission to access your hard disk, location, controls etc..
  • Click on accept to Install wechat on PC
  • Thats It after Installation It will display below window.
  • Click on signup, remember here you should give new number which is not associated with wechat on your mobile or any other devices and select your region.
  • It will send verification code to your mobile number.
  • Enter verification code in that empty box.
  • Thats It now you can enjoy wechat on your PC.
Regarding to this tutorial If you have any doubts feel free to comment or message me personally through contact form.

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