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Friday, 17 July 2015

How To Use Instagram For Marketing A Business Or Brand Effectively

Internet marketing is the most powerful tool to promote your product or brand through out the world. Apart from that to get good exposure to your brand or business  on Internet social media is the best platform. To get good attention on your brand or business so many of us thought Facebook & Twitter are the only tools to get maximum exposure for our brand or business. But I don't agree with It. There is another social community known as Instagram which will give maximum exposure and Increase your product sales. what you heard is true Instagram will boost up your earnings by giving good exposure to your product or brand.

Actually Instagram is a community where people can share Images. To Signup on Instagram you need to download an app which is available on Android, IOS & Windows platforms. But blackberry users doesn't have direct app to use Instagram because of some performance and security reasons. Blackberry world have an optimized Instagram app for blackberry users which will give more performance and security.
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Top Ways To Use Instagram For Marketing A Business Or Brand

1. Show Followers

If you started any new product or service show It to the audience how It works and features of that product or brand. By uploading eye-catching pictures which goes viral in Instagram Community. 

2. Organize Contests

Best platform to organize photo contests are no doubt Instagram. There are so many tricks to run contests on Instagram to get huge followers and exposure to your brand or business. One of my best trick is tell audience,  follow our brand to participate in this contest and then upload pictures related to specific niche or service you started. Select random person everyday to win a gift card.

3. Enlighten Your Brand

To get more exposure and wants to make people closer to your brand or business you need to enlighten your brand by posting employees photos, work space. Best example is Facebook, Tumblr they share most of the things they do in office team works, company events and pictures of team members etc..

4. Upload Videos 

Instagram launched this feature in 2013. you can upload a video which has 3 to 15 seconds of length. Use this feature to promote your brand by making a video with amazing graphics to grab attention of Instagram community.

5. Instagram Direct

Instagram direct is the best tool to promote your brand or business by offering giveaways or Invitations to company events. You can send direct messages to 15 people. So you can post about an event and tell them first 15 members who commented will get Invitation or any other surprising offers.

6.Motivate Followers

If you use Instagram only for marketing a business or brand definitely you will fail at some point try to motivate followers and other people on Instagram by posting meaningful and inspiring pictures. 

7. Begin Virtual Online Store

If you have products to sell online but not Interested to start a online store because of budget or maintenance of website. Instagram is the best virtual store where you can directly chat with your customers. Just upload pictures which describes the product and engage with audience through comments use direct message If necessary. For money transactions use pay pal and other services which give good security while doing online transactions.

All above methods are short listed which will plays an efficient role to promote your brand or business. If you have any other ways let all of us know through your valuable comments.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

How To Increase Instagram Followers For Free

Actually Instagram is a community where people can share Images. To Signup on Instagram you need to download an app which is available on Android, IOS & Windows platforms. But blackberry users doesn't have direct app to use Instagram because of some performance and security reasons. Blackberry world have an optimized Instagram app for blackberry users which will give more performance and security. 

It is developed by iGrann which works as a client for Instagram to give similar Interface, functions and unique feature of this app. iGrann is the only app which allow multi user's that means you can switch to other Instagram accounts easily. This feature is not available on any other Instagram apps.
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Lets coming to the point Sign up is an easy process but getting followers is really difficult for new users as well as longevous users . To Increase Instagram followers to your account without spending single penny on It, there are some strategies to Implement and simple tips to follow to get more Instagram followers.These tips are helpful to both old & new users of the Instagram.

10 Ways To  Increase Instagram Followers For Free 

Here I wrote step by step process to Increase Instagram followers. Just follow those steps in a sequence manner definitely you will get a great response from your new followers and existing followers.

Top 10 Ways To Increase More Twitter Followers

1. Complete Your Bio

In any social networking site or community adding your personal details to your account is most Important. If someone wants to follow you they will check your bio whom you are brand or person. Don't add "FOLLOW ME FOLLOW YOU BACK" It will degrades your popularity and considered It as spamming. So be genuine while filling details just give whom you are and related things that's It. Your Bio will helps you to get followers according to their Interests.

2. Post Attractive and Descriptive Images

Instagram is a community where people upload only Images. So to get an attention from remaining Instagram users and follow. You must upload meaningful Images and more over very attractive to get attention from the other people on Instagram. So Please don't copy the Images from Google and upload It. I suggest you one more tip If you want to promote your brand better to create your own Images by using Adobe Photoshop and other graphic tools.

3. Post Smarter

Posting Images frequently is good but to Increase followers and get more engagement on that post you should know the right timings of Instagram.

Actually there is no proper time as per the source I know Wednesday 5 to 6 PM is good. But I don't believe much in this because It works on 1st week and another week It doesn't work.

So don't depend on this timings, after getting some followers what ever the count is no problem you need to know is what time they will be in active on Instagram according to that you can schedule your posts. 

If you have more followers from particular region. Once checkout the demographics of that region and according to that you can post your Images.

4.Use Photo Filters & Apps

Remember one thing how much descriptive your Image will be, originality & design of the Image is more Important. So to personalize your Images Instagram have 20 filters included in It. You can use other apps which are similar to this filters with added features you will find them on app stores.

5. Using Hashtags

Hashtags always do magic to boost your Engagement on any social media platform. Now time to use It on Instagram to get users attentions. Use relevant hashtags which are in your selected niche or own brand. But don't over use hashtags It looks like spamming so better to use 3 or 4 hashtags per Image.

"If You have a brand after getting huge followers then you can try your own hashtag which will    describe your brand or person."

6. Pictures Go Better With Photo Caption 

Photo caption is the most powerful tool If you use It correctly. Ask questions while giving caption, It will Increase likes & comments. It helps to give maximum engagement to your Image. If you get good engagement definitely It will helps you to Increase Instagram followers.

7. Follow Others & Comment

Following others on Instagram helps to bring you more followers. "But don't do this as a spam, think before following other user or brand is it useful or not?" Then only you will build responsive active followers. Follow who are in the same niche or If you may like their photography you can follow It's your personal Interest. 

Another weapon is commenting, If you use It perfectly no  doubt you get more exposure on Instagram. But don't do this as a spam by giving " a comment without knowing about the post and few more words which looks as a sapm". Before commenting on any Image better to know and share your views, then only you will get more exposure on Instagram which leads to Increase in followers.

8. Host Giveaway

Organizing event, contests, competition, giveaway or any other things similar to it always boost up your engagement and get more exposure to your Instagram account. Post an Image which will describe your contest rules, prize and what they do to win a giveaway.

9. Once Recall Why You Are On Instagram ?

After all  these things recall yourself why you are on Instagram only to get followers ? Now real game starts, protecting your brand or person status is more Important and one more thing don't loose your followers with your lazy attitude or boring posts. Respond to your followers and give proper answer to their questions. It helps you to get more and more exposure on Instagram along with followers.

10. Don't Irritate Your Audience By Posting continuously  

After getting good exposure and followers on Instagram don't Irritate your audience by posting without gap. Most Importantly post relevant Images which are attractive and get great exposure on Instagram.

 That's all folks If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding to this article let me know through  your valuable comments.