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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Top 10 Best Platforms To Create A Blog For Free

I heard that so many people thinking that blog is an old way to share your Ideas, passion, known tips. These days social networks are top in the list to share your views with your friends and extended circles. But I don't agree with people who are saying that blogs are outdated. Blog have an Individual space to share your Ideas and share It with more people you connected on social profiles and through search engines.

If you are new to blogging world, to create a blog for free you need best platform with understandable and easy user Interface.  So here I listed top platforms to start your blogging which supports both personal space and work space.

10 Best Platforms To Start A Blog For Free

     1. Blogger

No need of Introduction about this platform, blogger is the best platform to create a free blog. It was overtaken by Google in 2003 and all of It's blogs are hosted on Google Itself. Free blogs are come with added sub-domain name ( ). You can Login with your Google account and it  allow both Indiividual and Multi user blogs.

2. WordPress

WordPress is an another best platform after blogger. Actually WordPress is an web hosting provider which offers you to create a blog for free of cost with beautiful and powerful Interface because of Its open source software.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is especially designed for micro blogging no doubt tumblr is the best choice who wants t oshare their thoughts, DIY's, videos, links, quotes and audio. In these you can follow other user's and lot of well designed themes for free.

4. Weebly

Weebly will give great experience to newbies with Its extensive solutions and hundred of professional designed templates and amazing website building experience. You can Login with your Facebook account Instead creating new one so weebly is a brilliant choice.

5. Edublogs 

If you are Interested to start a blog on education obviously edublogs comes stands top in the list. Edublogs are well designed which are customized and Include videos, audio & photos. Edublogs are very safe and secure more over easy to use and best platform to create a free blog on education, universities & colleges.

6. Wix

You should know about Wix before starting your blogging journey. Wix will give awesome experience to both newbies and old bloggers with Its wide range of well designed templates which don't need any coding to customize by the user and comes with free website builder.

7. Blog

You heard It right guys platform  name is "BLOG". It provides both Individual blog or you can start a writing community. Blog platform is absolutely free of cost with fully loaded features and unlimited hosting. Paid users have some more added features.

8. LiveJournal 

LiveJournal is a free open source software to manage LiveJournal virtual community. It also works like other platforms with all features commenting, multiple authors and also have Inbuilt social networking features comparable to other social networking sites.

9. Hub Pages

It is a collection of  blogging and dedicated website to Interact with users. Hub Pages is best platform for newbies to expose their posts. It offers you almost all services for free of cost.

10. Medium

Medium was founded by twitter founder. This platform has one unique feature which other platforms doesn't have you can add a note of other people. You can Login to medium with twitter account to comment and blog. If you are new to blogging and waiting for readers try medium It has engaged with huge audience.

All above listed platforms are good for newbies, story writers and also for people who want to earn some money online these platforms are the best startups.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How To Build Backlinks To My Website And Dominate Google

We all know that search engine traffic is most powerful than other traffic sources. Why because organic traffic is more genuine, visitor will come through searching for specific topic by using proper keywords. So he/she definitely visit your page and spend some time. Everyone knows that to get traffic one of the most powerful way is build backilnks to your website. But you have to build quality dofollow backlinks to your site using proper keywords which will define your blog posts. I think you know what is dofollow and nofollow ? Let me explain dofollow backlinks bring some page rank juice to your site, but nofollow link cannot give you any link juice to your site.

Why because bad links hurt your search engine traffic even may penalized when Google update It's algorithm. So remember this while building backlinks better to know site is penalized by Google or not. If It is penalized or any spammy comments on that site It will demote your search engine rank. To monitor backlinks of your site Google webmaster tools is the best one If you can spend some money better to go with ahrefs. You will find any suspicious link to your site use webmaster tools to disavow that bad links.

Before building backlinks with my personal experience I have to say one thing, do good Internal linking to your site by doing these you can reduce bounce rate of your site. If you don't know exactly check It here what is bounce rate and how to control bounce rate of your website.

 I will tell you how It works If you are reading an article regarding to Tips To Get More Visitors To Your Website For Free in that post I linked other posts which are relevant to that post definitely you want to visit that post too. By this we can Increase the visitors spending time on your website/blog and also get good authority.

Frankly saying no one wants to say how to build backlinks because everyone have their own methods which will work for them. Here I list out some methods that are following by everyone.
  • Submit your blog to directories. So many said this method is dead but I have some hope at corner.
  • Creating Infographics which are helpful to other bloggers, so there will be a chance to share It on their blogs and give link to your site.
  • Rich content no need say much about this every one knows that If you have good content definitely you will get backlinks.
  • I want to say one thing no one wants to give backlink to your site. You may ask them to give backlinks see If you have talent no need to please anyone and go on with your own strategies. 
  • Follow above methods and some other strategies which are not mentioned in this post you can find them through Internal links of this post.

How To Create Backlinks With Your Own Knowledge

Now I am going share you how to build backlinks with your own knowledge. But remember If you have long term website better to wait for backlinks or you can build daily 1 or 2 backlinks after 60-75 days,  I am saying this with my personal experience. Here I share some methods to build backlinks manually with your knowledge.

Connect Your Website To Social Media

This is the best way to build backlinks and also get huge social media engagement on your site. But most of the social networking sites don't allow dofollow backlinks. No need to worry nofollow links are also helpful If It comes from high page rank sites. You can add your website to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, stumbleupon, linked In, pinterest and some other social networking sites. Youtube also best way to get huge engaged traffic to your site.

Guest Posting

This is the most genuine and best way to get backlink to your blog. Find out the blocks which are relevant to your blog niche and also check authority page rank and alexa rank.
  • Remember one thing while writing guest post, you are not writing only for backlink you have to give rich content post to that blog.
  • By this visitors of that site will definitely visit your site.
  • Most of the websites allow you to give links in author bio section. So there you can link up to all social networking profiles along with your blog.

Join Online Blogging communities

I personally prefer this methods because in blogging communities you can Interact with so many bloggers there and submit your post by giving link to your site. If your post performs well on that communities definitely It will brings you loads of traffic and here you notice one more thing If blogger visits your blog alexa rank of your website also Increase rapidly and get backlinks If your post is do well on community home page. Here you can read how to Increase alexa rank in 2014 and how to add alexa widget to your blog. Both of these helps you to get rank on bloggers world. I suggest you some of the best blogging communities.
  1. Blog engage
  2. Hub pages
  3. Blokube
  4. Indiblogger

Join Forums and Start Commenting

Now coming to forums yes this is also the best way to get backlinks by giving proper answer to the questions on forums. All you need to do is just register on those forums and give relevant link to that questions. If It will helps to solve their problem definitely they will link back to your site and you will get good traffic. Some of the well known forums are Yahoo, ASK ME, ASK, Just answer etc.. like this there are so many forums you can find on online. Among that choose the best forums then register and start answering for their questions. Here one more trick I have to say is comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs to get dofollow backlinks. But remember your comment should be useful for other visitors and commenter's. 

Regarding to this article If you have any doubts or any other link building strategies or suggestions let me know through comments thanks for reading my post with patience. If It is helpful to you do me a favour by sharing this on social networking sites thank you..

Sunday, 2 November 2014

How To Add Your Website To Google Chrome Web Store To Get Extra Traffic

In previous post I shared how to get more visitors to your site for free by following some useful tips.
In this article I am going share one hidden trick so many people don't know about It.

I asked so many pro bloggers they never reveal this trick when I ask how can I get extra visitors to my blog. whether they don't know are not. After a long time I found this trick, It really works for me. Lets come to the point by adding your website to Google web store you will get some constant users to your site. It is a easy process may take up to 30 minutes, all you need is chrome browser, couple of Icons and Google developer license which costs $5.  You may thought this is waste of money, I never accept It. I will soon upload my screen shots with how many users are using my app and everything regarding to this I will make a video and upload It in this post.
Tips To Get More Visitors To Your Website For Free

What Is Chrome Web Store ?

Everyone knows that Google Chrome is the most popular browser with millions of users everyday. Along with that Google launched Chrome web store like play store in android operating systems. In web store you wiill find extensions, apps, that will work only on chrome browser to Improve the users experience. You can access Google chrome web store from here.
Tips To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser Easily

Benefits of Adding Your Website To Chrome Web Store

  1. Through out world Google chrome has millions of user among those every one will use atleast one app or extension for their convenience.
  2. Myself  I am using extensions and apps according to my necessity. 
  3. You may thought why I am saying all these without revealing benefits. Let  me say by adding your app to chrome web store you will get some loyal visitors to your website.
  4. In million of users think at least few of them don't use your app? (Question to you)
  5. Definitely they will use your app If users will Increase definitely visitors to your website also Increase.
  6. I don't whether It have Search engine optimization benefits or not. But definitely you will get a extra unique visitors to your site.
  7. Here I added a link to tutorial that will helps you clearly.
Top 10 Google chrome Extensions For Social Media In 2014

Frankly speaking I didn't explained this post clearly. why because I am also new to this that's why I didn't add any step by step guide to add your website to Chrome web store. But If you face any problems while adding your website let me know definitely I will help you. One more thing don't hesitate to spend $5 for this It is a life time fee to add your app on chrome store.

I hope this article helps you If It is do me a favour by sharing this on social networking site. Regarding to this article If you have any doubts let me know through comments. I will respond within 24 hours.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Tips To Get More Visitors To Your Website For Free

Everyone wants to Increase traffic to their website/blog. Among those most of the Bloggers who are new to blogging world definitely you have a doubt how can I bring traffic to my blog. So many bloggers quit blogging because of not getting sufficient traffic to their site. If there is no traffic = no Income. There are so many ways to bring traffic to website we cannot explain It in one article. Someone spend money to get traffic If you really want to become a successful blogger better to do that work yourself. In this post I will explain you some proven ways that will definitely brings you loads of traffic to your website guys trust me. Remember one thing you have to work hard don't be lazy If you want success smart work + hard work = success.

Proven Ways To bring Quality Traffic To Your Website

Social Media Engagement

Social networkings are very popular these days every one have their own account on atleast one social media network. Why because Social media is the main source for almost all business companies, local firms, Internet marketing, product/ service promotions and bloggers. So If you have a good traffic from social networking sites definitely you will be rank on Google search engine.
There are some top social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest, Digg, Linked In, Youtubeand many more, that will brings you loads of traffic to your website

Create Android App And Publish It To The Google Play Store & Amazon App Store

I personally suggest you this method definitely It will works. Everyone know's that android has huge market in electronic gadgets day by day It is Increasing. If you create an android app and publish It to the Google store and Amazon store definitely It will helps you to bring a extra visitors to your blog.

Website Should Be Optimized For Mobile Version

Day by day technology is developing, these days so many of us using mobiles to search particular topic or query because they are offering such facilities to the mobile devices. So If any visitor wants to visit your site It will be very slow loading of homepage definitely they go back It may Increases bounce rate of your blog. Here you can check how to control bounce rate of your website

If you are on Wordpress platform you can use a plugin or go with any other services. There is one site of Google that will help you to optimize your website according to the mobile version and everything. Work across multiple Devices

Add Your Website To Google Chrome Store

Trust me guys this will be definitely works to drive good traffic to your site. I observed so many pro bloggers they are not using this method why I don't but this is the best way to get free and continuous traffic. You can do this within 10 minutes.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo )

Why I mentioned this at end of the post is actually I written this post for beginners and also for old bloggers who are struggling to bring traffic to their blogs. It will be quite difficult to get seearch engine traffic without proper keyword research and many more Search engine optimization tricks 2014. When ever you discussed about search engines Google search engine will strikes first. Why because It holds more than 75% of search engine market share. But don't Ignore other search engines like Bing and  Yahoo If you rank top.
9 Essential Things To Learn To Become A Successful Blogger In 2014

Rich Content

I think in every post that is related to blog definitely I told you these If you have a rich content no doubt you will get free unique visitors. If you do all above things for your blog and content is poor visitors will not show Interest to read your articles. Most Importantly don't copy and paste It, Google know everything which content is duplicate so beware of that. Concentrate on your topic while writing an article.

One more thing guys you need to update your blog with fresh content daily to get ranked on Google search engines why because Google like blog's which have fresh content updating daily.

Thank's for reading this article with your patience If you have any Ideas or suggestion regarding to this blog post or any other content on the website let me know through comments. I hope this article will helps you to drive traffic to your site If It will do me a favour by sharing this article on social networking sites.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Website/Blog

If you have a website with unique stuff still you didn't get decent traffic, even If  It comes bounce rate of your  website/blog is high and also sales are not Increased. It's time to look out the minor faults you did while building up a website such as on page optimization and some other Search engine optimization tips that are really essential to get reliable visitors to your website/blog. In this post I will explain you clearly about what is bounce rate? Is It necessary to control bounce rate and what happened  If your website bounce rate is Increased and It really effects the sales and growth of your website and finally how to reduce the Increased bounce rate of your website.

What Is Bounce Rate?

The best way to describe about bounce rate is let us consider, you visit two websites simultaneously, In one site you didn't like the content and way of style they represented and In another site you will found content rich and design also very attractive definitely you will stick to second one and left from the first one. 

While monitoring bounce rate of a blog/website they consider, how much time you stay and crawl in that website and how many of them are viewing only landing page and left out quickly. If most of the visitors left by viewing only one page of  your website definitely you have to optimize your website with minor changes some times you need to change completely If you haven't follow SEO. If you want to learn the best SEO tips & tricks in 2014 go through It.

Is It Necessary To Care About Bounce Rate

In my point of view bounce rate doesn't affect SEO, but definitely you cannot rank on Google page because visitors are feeling very bad when they visit your site and Immediately come back to the search engine and also effects on sales of your product. Some things you should remember If your website has high bounce rate your website providing low quality content, designed badly and may be you are targeting wrong people while driving traffic to your site. 5 Must Have Social Sharing Buttons To Increase Website Traffic

So considering these things definitely you have to give some time to reduce your website/blog bounce rate If you have high bounce rate.

How To Reduce Your Website's Bounce Rate ? 

There are so many other factors that will Increase bounce rate, among them I shared the major things you should optimize Immediately to reduce bounce rate of  your website.

Using Poor Keywords

I will tell you the best example what exactly poor keywords are suppose consider my site name is TECHBULK  and  I have to update latest technology, tips & tricks, social media tips. If I am not updating these content and concentrate on updating other things that are actually not recognize my brand. So when people search for other things and found my site definitely they will go back because I am not providing the content what they searched exactly. 

My suggestion is better to know top keywords of your website by monitoring visitors search which keywords they are using when they are entering into your site and use them through out the site that means try to use them on Titles and static pages that will definitely brings you good and reliable visitors and also helps a lot to reduce your bounce rate.

Too Much Time To load

In these days page loading time is most Important It may Impacts not only on bounce rate and also on SEO. Most of the visitors want to load the web page speed at very first It may take too much time to load they don't want to visit again and they go back If It takes long time. Loading time of the page may depends on so many factors you will discuss in the design section.

Bad Design 

Design matters a lot in this If any new visitor will visit your page, even If your content is good some one wants to read It in well designed location and most Importantly poor design of your site affects on loading time of your page. Yes If you use to much designs and widgets all people doesn't have speed some of the people are living at country side and some will browse through smartphones &  mobiles. So keep all these things in mind and better to design your site that should be very attractive and easy to navigate Internal pages of a site.
How To Create Email ID With Youd Domain Name Using Google Apps
How To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog In 2014

Note : Most Importantly rich content is also very Important even If you have well designed and targeted keywords If you are not providing unique content people don't want to crawl your Internal pages of your website.
9 Essential Things To Learn To Become A Successful Blogger In 2014
I thought you find this post helpful to you. Shortly I will share other factors that will cause Increase in bounce rate of your website/blog. Regarding to this article do you have any queries or you know some more Interesting Information let me know through comments or Send me a Email by using contact form.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

9 Essential Things To Learn To Become A Successful Blogger In 2014

Every blogger must read this article, especially for newbies. At the starting time of a blog It was very tough to complete the tasks, don't know how to write rich content articles, difficult to find copy right free Images. At that time even small Issues will appear like big problems. I don't want to waste the time by explaining those problems, Let me explain the essential things that should be learn by every blogger to become a successful blogger.

Essential Things To Learn To Become A Successful Blogger

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most imp thing any blogger r website owner should learn about.
What exactly is search engine optimization????
Well, it actually is a term to understand and implement the way in which search engines help to benefit your website. Site which receives a vast majority of website traffic will come from the search engines, so by making the most of them you can be sure that lots of people will find your site.
SEO is divided into two sections:
  • On- page SEO
  • Off-page SEO 
On-page SEO is a technique that can use ON your website for boosting traffic and web rankings (like: keyword placement, using Alt tags, Meta descriptions and so on…), whereas Off-page SEO is a technique used on OFF your site (like: social media, guest blogging, and so on…).
Best SEO Tips And Tricks For Newbies In 2014
Both the sections are very important. But, according to me, I prefer and suggest you people to take more time in learning about On-page SEO techniques. As it helps you to understand how the worldwide web works and also mainly, how one can create content and give structure to your site to make more impact online.I insist, mainly suggest every one out there to make sure that you will set more time to learn about SEO. Trust me, it really helps you people in the long run!!!

Content Writing Skills

“Good writing skills can make your material easier to understand, more respected, and actually paid attention to”. If you can't engage someone in what you are trying to say, why do you think they would listen to you?

Good persuasive skills are also writing skills, and with this past election, we've seen how important it is to get people to your side of thinking. It is important for people to understand your thoughts and ideas in a clear way. I have found that reading helps your writing skills a great deal. This has also helped me to construct good skills into writing. I have a long way to go….

However, the best way to improve is to write. As your confidence as a writer grows, you may feel happy to show your writings, when you do, ask for their honest feedback and constructive criticism.

Tips for improving your writing skills
  • Don’t forget to read: The importance of reading cannot be overstated: read as much and as often as you can. 
  • Finish what you start: One of the worst habits a writer can acquire is to never finish anything. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a vicious cycle and have nothing to show for all the writing you’ve done. 
  • Show your work: Always keep your eye on the goal, publishing your work to the marketplace. 
  • Know your craft: As a writer, it’s important to understand things like grammar, spelling, and punctuation as well as the importance of editing and polishing your work before you show it around.

How To Create And Edit Images?

To create our reputation on web blogging it is necessary to strike our blog name, content, writing style, blog design but blog logo performs main role. So if you have good grip on photo shop you can create depictive and beautiful logo by yourself without hiring any artist.
  • It helps you to get cutout from various images that is relevant to the content and to merge all this to create a natural looking image.
  • Instead of purchasing those templates from designers by spending huge amount, you could create beautiful templates from your creativity and for the functioning you want to know Dreamweaver software.
  • You can actually create a great difference for your Blog/Website and you can give new heights to your creativity. 
  • As a Blogger I’m sure you must have realized the need of photo and video editing needs for your site.

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

In order to understand what content is gaining you visitors and what needs some serious revising, you need a tool to analyze it. We can use tools like Google analytics and Google webmaster tools. With this we can find out what pages are popular in order to do this, you need to know how often each pages get visited, how long they stay. Without some sort of analytics app ypu will also not be able to find out how visitors are moving about within your site. This helps us to discover if there are any dead ends and also about the performance of your site.
How To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog In 2014

Social Media Marketing

We know there’s a lot difference in social media and social media marketing. Social media helps us to interact with existing fans of your site but social media marketing helps us find new fans at the same time helps us to promote your blog across the world. Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.
5 Must Have Social Sharing Buttons To Increase Website Traffic
Top 10 Google chrome Extensions For Social Media In 2014As a blogger we write some posts we knew would resonate with people who would share them. Then, we join the conversation, share relevant stuff, and watch the content spread. If you share meaningful, worthwhile content focused on a particular niche topic, you’ll see good results. If you’re wanting to use social media to boost your blog traffic, then follow this:
  • Get on twitter 
  • Start a face book page for your blog 
  • Regularly share your content on face book 
  • Ask others to promote your blog 
  • Implement social sharing tools on your website 
  • Use a social powered commenting tool
  • Write catchy headlines that people will want to share 
  • Write compelling content 
Top 10 Ways To Increase More Twitter Followers
HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the core technologies for building Web pages. HTML provides the structure of the page, CSS the (visual and aural) layout, for a variety of devices. Along with graphics and scripting, HTML and CSS are the basis of building Web pages and Web Applications.

Quality Of Post

Writing and content creation are different from each other. There is a saying “quality is more important than quantity”. So it is not only enough to be an excellent writer but at the same time you should have the capacity to create good quality content for your site, it not only attract readers but engage them as have to construct posts that entice people to keep reading to the end of an article, to leave comments and to click on your other pages.

How To Build A Powerful Network?

Networking is completely different from social networking. It not only helps you to connect with readers and also helps to connect with other blog owners. As a blogger networking helps us to learn so many things to improve our site.
Skills that every blogger need to have
  • Make network a regular activity. 
  • Stop being an internet panhandler 
  • Know who you’re reaching out. 
  • Use positive language 
  • Cultivate your power contacts. 
  • Learn how to email. 
  • Don’t expect anything. 
How To Backup Your All Blogger Blogs Using Google Takeout
Burn useless bridges. Keep this in mind and start making your networking from today!!!!!

Monday, 7 July 2014

How To Backup Your All Blogger Blogs Using Google Takeout

For every blogger backup is Important, experts recommended that If you are active on blog you should have to perform this task at least once a week. Why because some break down problems will arise or blogger platform may remove your blog without warning before, because of spamming and some other reasons. So what ever the reasons better to keep backup of your blog every week is safe. Some other reasons to backup your blog If you want to change your blogger platform to WordPress or other platforms.
To backup your blog you can go to dashboard>> settings>> others>> "Export blog" is simple method to backup your blog. But If you have too many blogs you want to backup everything from Google account such as post, comments, contacts, g-mail, Google drive groups and blogger. There is one tool to backup all Google account services with single click called "Google Takeout". Using this you can backup your blog content and everything associated with your Google account.

Download All Data From Google Services Using Google Takeout

  • First login to your Google account then click on this Google Takeout
  • There you can see create an archive click on It.  
  • Now It will display all services that are associated with your Google account.
  • Here you want to backup all services check the select all box or else  select only blogger and  Google plus photos click on create an archive.
  • It will take some time to compress files after that depends on how many blogs you have with that account or services you are using then click on the download.   

Regarding  to this article do you have any doubts or facing any problems while downloading data feel free to ask. You can ask your doubts through Comments. I will respond to your query within 24 hours.  

Saturday, 5 July 2014

5 Must Have Social Sharing Buttons To Increase Website Traffic

It is difficult to get unique visitors to your blog frequently. Most of the newbies are struggling to get traffic to their blog or website. At Initial stages they eagerly add too many subscriptions options to the readers which makes really confusing where they have to share your article. So you have to optimize your subscription by choice there are so many social media buttons, news letter subscriptions are available for blog. Here you choose wisely, among those which are the good social networking sites that really add new subscribers to your blog and also brings you massive traffic to your blog from social media.
SEO is not consistent It is changing everyday so keep It in your mind and optimize your site to achieve good Alexa rank, Google page rank and get massive traffic from social networking sites. Here are the must have subscriptions for every blog or website.
Best SEO Tips And Tricks For Newbies In 2014

Must Have Social Sharing Buttons To Increase Website Traffic

Before Going to know about best Social Sharing buttons remember that feedburner is the most Important one everyone should add to their blog or website. That's why I didn't mention in the list of must have Social sharing buttons.

Facebook : When coming to Social Sharing Buttons for a blog Facebook fan page will be in the top of the list. Facebook have more than 1 Billion users but remember one thing It doesn't leverage search engine rank. If you have a large amount of followers on fan page you definitely get massive traffic from Facebook which can helps to get good awareness of your brand. Now a days fan pages are less responsive because of algorithm changed by Facebook, even you will get huge traffic If you have a fan page with large number of followers.

How To Activate Or Enable 2 Step Verification In Facebook

Twitter : No doubt twitter is the best place for online marketing. Every blog or website must have an official twitter account on brand name to bring more social media attention on your blog or website. For twitter there are so many automated tools that are really helpful to auto scheduling, send automated direct message to your followers

Google+ Follow Button : Google Plus is a highly recommended Social Sharing Button for every blog. For every blogger and digital marketer must have their own Google plus profile and brand page. Definitely you will benefit a lot and you can also add Google+ button for every page to share your post on Google Plus. 

Pinterest : Pinterest is really helpful to get good traffic to your blog, If you are uploading attractive Images to your posts. Pinterest have boards and pins If reader found Image is Informative and attractive definitely they will pin It. There is an option for a blog or website to add Pinterest button for every Images you upload in the blog. To add Pinterest button on every Image you need to add a simple code to your HTML. No doubt If you are good at creating Interesting and attractive Images definitely you will get a good attention from Pinterest.

YouTube Subscription : If you are a Internet marketer definitely you are well known about YouTube channel. Add Subscription button to your YouTube channel on blog or website, why because observe that you will search for any thing on Google at least you can see one video related to the topic. YouTube channel is the best way to rank your home page by adding videos related to your niche, brand or product.

Youtube Coolest Tips And Tricks Everyone Should know
Strategies To Increase Your Youtube Video Traffic

In my view these are the best Social Sharing Buttons to drive massive traffic to your blog and also helps to Improve page rank. If you have any other Ideas to Increase blog traffic and subscribers. Let me know through comments.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

How To Create Email ID With Your Domain Name Using Google Apps

I noticed many blogger even though they have own domain they still using G-mail, yahoo mail etc.. So many of us don't show Interest to create an Email Id with our own domain name,because they charge few bugs to use custom Email ID. But If you use custom Id like, your It looks very professional and also make your ID genuine. In this tutorial I will show you how to create custom email account for your domain using Google apps. If you are serious about blogging Google apps helps you a lot It just costs 125 Rupees per month.

Related Article :Best SEO Tips And Tricks For Newbies In 2014
First of all what you have to do is register your domain at Google apps just follow the below steps to register your domain.

Steps To Register At Google Apps

  • Click on next after filling the details, on next page It will show you two options use your own domain or want to buy a new one.
  • According to your needs choose your option.
  • I choose first option because I already have my purchased domain. 
  • Click on next button, there you can see select your user name, create password etc.
  • After filling those boxes click on accept and signup It will take few seconds to setup your account.
  • It will take you to admin dashboard.
Here first thing you have to do is verify your domain ownership, It will be done in so many ways. Select the suitable way for you to verify your ownership. I selected godaddy to verify my ownership.After verifying ownership next thing is setup email for your domain. It will take up to 48 hours to setup 

If you are Interested to purchase google apps for business click on setup billing. It will display the page with annual and flexible plans. Choose which suitable to your needs.

Conclusion : Google apps are very useful to bloggers and business persons, If they are seriously moving on their fields. I think this tutorial will help you to create your custom email with your domain, If you have any doubts regarding to this article or facing any problems while creating Google apps account  you can ask me through comments or contact form.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Best SEO Tips And Tricks For Newbies In 2014

Search engine optimization is build up with strategies, techniques, tactics that are used to Increase traffic to your website, by gaining high page rank in Google search engine. By optimizing your website according to the search engine your site will be found in the Initial pages of search results. In 2014 It is highly complex for newbies because of Google panda and penguin updates. 
  • Panda update is done before penguin which can down rank the poor user experience websites.
  • penguin update down ranked the websites that violates Google guidelines. 
So when coming to 2014 search engine optimization is difficult for beginners. So they should have to follow some excellent SEO tips and tricks that will help to rank your website better in search engines.

Must Follow SEO Tips To Improve On-Page Optimization

Interesting Article : No one show Interest to read long boring articles, so even article is long you have to describe clearly that will clear all doubts to the reader.

Title : Title doesn't exceed more than 70 characters. It is suggested that keep the title between 40 - 65 characters is good. Remember that use proper keywords and title should be catchy.

Use keywords Cleverly : keyword density should not exceed 4 %. If you give more than that you may lead to penalty by Google panda and penguin updates. To avoid those penalties your post should contain more than 700 words.

Quality Content : You should maintain quality content that means don't copy paste the article. Google can find out the duplicate content easily and most Importantly avoid keyword stuffing.

Meta Description : Meta description should be relative to the article, which can explain the article clearly. This is very helpful to stand your page in search engine results page.

Permalink Structure : Don't prefer automatic permalink, for each and every article you should select custom permalink. URL should be short and it should contain only keywords mostly avoid prepositions and conjunctions.

Keywords In Introduction : For better Google page rank use keywords in the Introduction which you used in the post title. It is suggested give heading tags ( H2, H3, H4) to the proper keywords and use it for headings.

Image Optimization : One picture can explain everything about the article, so when you are uploading a Image  you should give proper alt Tag.

Find And Use LSI Keywords : Latent semantic Indexing main vision is find out the related keywords which we already used in post or post title.

Amazing Tips To Improve Off-Page Optimization

Social Networking Sites : Now a days social media is good source to bring huge traffic to your website/blog and also helps you to Improve your Google page rank and Alexa ranking . You have to create your own profile in  popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc..

Build Quality Backlinks : Backlinks are very Important to view your website on Initial pages of search results which will Increases your page rank. To get backlinks comment on "dofollow" blogs, guest posting etc..

Submit To Search Engines : To find your page on search results submit your website to the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc..

Social Bookmarking : Social bookmarking is one of the best way to promote your website and also drive huge traffic to your blog. Submit your posts to the famous bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Stumbleupon,  Delicious, Digg etc.. 

Article Submission : If you are writing articles yourself  submit your post to article submission sites such as technorati, squidoo, hubpages etc.. It will helps you to drive traffic to your website.

Answer Questions : If you are good at something sign up to yahoo answers, ask etc.. There you can answer for queries and link your website to get more Information. This will definitely helps you to drive some traffic to your website.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

How To Add Alexa Widget To Your Blogger website/blog

Alexa rank is one of the most popular after Google page rank. Alexa is owned by amazon company It will ranks the authors in the blogging world. Alexa will rank every website according to their algorithm. It only counts the hits which browsers have Installed Alexa toolbars. Many bloggers, geeks, are still searching for, how to improve Alexa rank of their website or blog. Now a days Alexa rank is getting more popular than Google page rank. One of the best thing you have to do is add Alexa widget to your website, because you can't tell everyone to Install Alexa toolbar on their browsers. By doing this you can make the Internet users and website audience aware of Alexa rank and advertisers know about your website.

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Before explaining how to add alexa rank widget to your blog/website, I want to share my experience when I tried to add Alexa widget to my blog. I started blogging few months ago as a newbie I searched for the posts how to add alexa widget but every time I click on the given link by the authors It displays OOPS! you can see that in below screenshot.
Then how to Install alexa widget to your website, here are the simple steps to add Alexa widget to your blogger blog.

Steps To Add Alexa Widget To Your Blogger Website

  • Copy the code below
 Button (120 * 95) :

                                     <a href="">
                                     <script type="text/javascript" src="                                      url=">
Vertical Banner (120 * 240) :        

                                 <a href="">
                                 <script type="text/javascript" src="                                      url=">

Note : Replace "TECHBULK" with your website name
  • Login into your blogger account.
  • Click on layouts and select gadget where you want to place the alexa widget.
  • Then click on add gadget.
  • It displays pop up window scroll down until you see HTML/JAVA SCRIPT.
  • click on that widget and paste the code. 
  • Now alexa widget is added to your site.