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Friday, 17 July 2015

How To Use Instagram For Marketing A Business Or Brand Effectively

Internet marketing is the most powerful tool to promote your product or brand through out the world. Apart from that to get good exposure to your brand or business  on Internet social media is the best platform. To get good attention on your brand or business so many of us thought Facebook & Twitter are the only tools to get maximum exposure for our brand or business. But I don't agree with It. There is another social community known as Instagram which will give maximum exposure and Increase your product sales. what you heard is true Instagram will boost up your earnings by giving good exposure to your product or brand.

Actually Instagram is a community where people can share Images. To Signup on Instagram you need to download an app which is available on Android, IOS & Windows platforms. But blackberry users doesn't have direct app to use Instagram because of some performance and security reasons. Blackberry world have an optimized Instagram app for blackberry users which will give more performance and security.
To get more followers on your Instagram account read out How To Increase Instagram Followers For Free

Top Ways To Use Instagram For Marketing A Business Or Brand

1. Show Followers

If you started any new product or service show It to the audience how It works and features of that product or brand. By uploading eye-catching pictures which goes viral in Instagram Community. 

2. Organize Contests

Best platform to organize photo contests are no doubt Instagram. There are so many tricks to run contests on Instagram to get huge followers and exposure to your brand or business. One of my best trick is tell audience,  follow our brand to participate in this contest and then upload pictures related to specific niche or service you started. Select random person everyday to win a gift card.

3. Enlighten Your Brand

To get more exposure and wants to make people closer to your brand or business you need to enlighten your brand by posting employees photos, work space. Best example is Facebook, Tumblr they share most of the things they do in office team works, company events and pictures of team members etc..

4. Upload Videos 

Instagram launched this feature in 2013. you can upload a video which has 3 to 15 seconds of length. Use this feature to promote your brand by making a video with amazing graphics to grab attention of Instagram community.

5. Instagram Direct

Instagram direct is the best tool to promote your brand or business by offering giveaways or Invitations to company events. You can send direct messages to 15 people. So you can post about an event and tell them first 15 members who commented will get Invitation or any other surprising offers.

6.Motivate Followers

If you use Instagram only for marketing a business or brand definitely you will fail at some point try to motivate followers and other people on Instagram by posting meaningful and inspiring pictures. 

7. Begin Virtual Online Store

If you have products to sell online but not Interested to start a online store because of budget or maintenance of website. Instagram is the best virtual store where you can directly chat with your customers. Just upload pictures which describes the product and engage with audience through comments use direct message If necessary. For money transactions use pay pal and other services which give good security while doing online transactions.

All above methods are short listed which will plays an efficient role to promote your brand or business. If you have any other ways let all of us know through your valuable comments.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

How To Increase Instagram Followers For Free

Actually Instagram is a community where people can share Images. To Signup on Instagram you need to download an app which is available on Android, IOS & Windows platforms. But blackberry users doesn't have direct app to use Instagram because of some performance and security reasons. Blackberry world have an optimized Instagram app for blackberry users which will give more performance and security. 

It is developed by iGrann which works as a client for Instagram to give similar Interface, functions and unique feature of this app. iGrann is the only app which allow multi user's that means you can switch to other Instagram accounts easily. This feature is not available on any other Instagram apps.
8 Ways How a Blogger Can Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Site
Lets coming to the point Sign up is an easy process but getting followers is really difficult for new users as well as longevous users . To Increase Instagram followers to your account without spending single penny on It, there are some strategies to Implement and simple tips to follow to get more Instagram followers.These tips are helpful to both old & new users of the Instagram.

10 Ways To  Increase Instagram Followers For Free 

Here I wrote step by step process to Increase Instagram followers. Just follow those steps in a sequence manner definitely you will get a great response from your new followers and existing followers.

Top 10 Ways To Increase More Twitter Followers

1. Complete Your Bio

In any social networking site or community adding your personal details to your account is most Important. If someone wants to follow you they will check your bio whom you are brand or person. Don't add "FOLLOW ME FOLLOW YOU BACK" It will degrades your popularity and considered It as spamming. So be genuine while filling details just give whom you are and related things that's It. Your Bio will helps you to get followers according to their Interests.

2. Post Attractive and Descriptive Images

Instagram is a community where people upload only Images. So to get an attention from remaining Instagram users and follow. You must upload meaningful Images and more over very attractive to get attention from the other people on Instagram. So Please don't copy the Images from Google and upload It. I suggest you one more tip If you want to promote your brand better to create your own Images by using Adobe Photoshop and other graphic tools.

3. Post Smarter

Posting Images frequently is good but to Increase followers and get more engagement on that post you should know the right timings of Instagram.

Actually there is no proper time as per the source I know Wednesday 5 to 6 PM is good. But I don't believe much in this because It works on 1st week and another week It doesn't work.

So don't depend on this timings, after getting some followers what ever the count is no problem you need to know is what time they will be in active on Instagram according to that you can schedule your posts. 

If you have more followers from particular region. Once checkout the demographics of that region and according to that you can post your Images.

4.Use Photo Filters & Apps

Remember one thing how much descriptive your Image will be, originality & design of the Image is more Important. So to personalize your Images Instagram have 20 filters included in It. You can use other apps which are similar to this filters with added features you will find them on app stores.

5. Using Hashtags

Hashtags always do magic to boost your Engagement on any social media platform. Now time to use It on Instagram to get users attentions. Use relevant hashtags which are in your selected niche or own brand. But don't over use hashtags It looks like spamming so better to use 3 or 4 hashtags per Image.

"If You have a brand after getting huge followers then you can try your own hashtag which will    describe your brand or person."

6. Pictures Go Better With Photo Caption 

Photo caption is the most powerful tool If you use It correctly. Ask questions while giving caption, It will Increase likes & comments. It helps to give maximum engagement to your Image. If you get good engagement definitely It will helps you to Increase Instagram followers.

7. Follow Others & Comment

Following others on Instagram helps to bring you more followers. "But don't do this as a spam, think before following other user or brand is it useful or not?" Then only you will build responsive active followers. Follow who are in the same niche or If you may like their photography you can follow It's your personal Interest. 

Another weapon is commenting, If you use It perfectly no  doubt you get more exposure on Instagram. But don't do this as a spam by giving " a comment without knowing about the post and few more words which looks as a sapm". Before commenting on any Image better to know and share your views, then only you will get more exposure on Instagram which leads to Increase in followers.

8. Host Giveaway

Organizing event, contests, competition, giveaway or any other things similar to it always boost up your engagement and get more exposure to your Instagram account. Post an Image which will describe your contest rules, prize and what they do to win a giveaway.

9. Once Recall Why You Are On Instagram ?

After all  these things recall yourself why you are on Instagram only to get followers ? Now real game starts, protecting your brand or person status is more Important and one more thing don't loose your followers with your lazy attitude or boring posts. Respond to your followers and give proper answer to their questions. It helps you to get more and more exposure on Instagram along with followers.

10. Don't Irritate Your Audience By Posting continuously  

After getting good exposure and followers on Instagram don't Irritate your audience by posting without gap. Most Importantly post relevant Images which are attractive and get great exposure on Instagram.

 That's all folks If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding to this article let me know through  your valuable comments.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Top 10 Best Platforms To Create A Blog For Free

I heard that so many people thinking that blog is an old way to share your Ideas, passion, known tips. These days social networks are top in the list to share your views with your friends and extended circles. But I don't agree with people who are saying that blogs are outdated. Blog have an Individual space to share your Ideas and share It with more people you connected on social profiles and through search engines.

If you are new to blogging world, to create a blog for free you need best platform with understandable and easy user Interface.  So here I listed top platforms to start your blogging which supports both personal space and work space.

10 Best Platforms To Start A Blog For Free

     1. Blogger

No need of Introduction about this platform, blogger is the best platform to create a free blog. It was overtaken by Google in 2003 and all of It's blogs are hosted on Google Itself. Free blogs are come with added sub-domain name ( ). You can Login with your Google account and it  allow both Indiividual and Multi user blogs.

2. WordPress

WordPress is an another best platform after blogger. Actually WordPress is an web hosting provider which offers you to create a blog for free of cost with beautiful and powerful Interface because of Its open source software.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is especially designed for micro blogging no doubt tumblr is the best choice who wants t oshare their thoughts, DIY's, videos, links, quotes and audio. In these you can follow other user's and lot of well designed themes for free.

4. Weebly

Weebly will give great experience to newbies with Its extensive solutions and hundred of professional designed templates and amazing website building experience. You can Login with your Facebook account Instead creating new one so weebly is a brilliant choice.

5. Edublogs 

If you are Interested to start a blog on education obviously edublogs comes stands top in the list. Edublogs are well designed which are customized and Include videos, audio & photos. Edublogs are very safe and secure more over easy to use and best platform to create a free blog on education, universities & colleges.

6. Wix

You should know about Wix before starting your blogging journey. Wix will give awesome experience to both newbies and old bloggers with Its wide range of well designed templates which don't need any coding to customize by the user and comes with free website builder.

7. Blog

You heard It right guys platform  name is "BLOG". It provides both Individual blog or you can start a writing community. Blog platform is absolutely free of cost with fully loaded features and unlimited hosting. Paid users have some more added features.

8. LiveJournal 

LiveJournal is a free open source software to manage LiveJournal virtual community. It also works like other platforms with all features commenting, multiple authors and also have Inbuilt social networking features comparable to other social networking sites.

9. Hub Pages

It is a collection of  blogging and dedicated website to Interact with users. Hub Pages is best platform for newbies to expose their posts. It offers you almost all services for free of cost.

10. Medium

Medium was founded by twitter founder. This platform has one unique feature which other platforms doesn't have you can add a note of other people. You can Login to medium with twitter account to comment and blog. If you are new to blogging and waiting for readers try medium It has engaged with huge audience.

All above listed platforms are good for newbies, story writers and also for people who want to earn some money online these platforms are the best startups.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Tips To Drive Huge Traffic From Facebook To Your Blog/Website In 2014

Actually this is an old post everyone knows how to drive traffic from Facebook through Fan pages, groups and our profiles. But still so many of us don't the exact process to get a huge traffic within a short time. In this post I make little changes to get huge traffic to your blog/website in a short time and It will be long lasting..

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Photos And Videos
Top 10 Google chrome Extensions For Social Media In 2014
We all know that among all social networking sites Facebook will bring us massive traffic to our blog. But Past year Facebook algorithm was updated which they called Edge rank algorithm. After this update almost all Facebook pages reach is decreased and very difficult to get traffic from It. Still Facebook has Good source to bring traffic to your site.

One more Good news for you Facebook recently changed their algorithm actually It's not about algorithm, they change news feeds It means If you post any Information on your Facebook Fan pages It will be notified to large number of people who liked your page. This way after a long time all are active on fan pages from last week. Along with these I suggest you the best tricks especially for newbies and some old bloggers who don't know about these. Just follow my Instructions definitely you will get huge traffic from Facebook within a short time. 

Tips To Get More Visitors To Your Website For Free

How To Increase Website/blog Traffic From Facebook In 2014?

Now I am going to tell you proven ways which actually works for me to bring huge traffic and publicity to my blog..

Start an Event

  • Events are very helpful to get social media attention to your site. If you get attention definitely you will get quality traffic.
  • If you have a website or you started just before 1 week no problem, conduct an event on Facebook.
  • Start an event and Invite all your friends and tell them to Invite their friends too.
  • I know what you are thinking why they will join in my contest? Here the tricky point you have to offer some gifts or E-books prepared by your own or any other things that will bring lot of social attention on your event.
  • This is my personal suggestion you can conduct drawing competition, puzzles, General knowledge.
  • That's It definitely you will get good social media engagement.

Create Group And Join Groups Related To Your Niche

So many new bloggers avoid these but It will give good publicity to your website. All you have to do is you should be active on that group. You can join our group on Facebook .

Join few groups It will be helpful to know so many things about your niche and you can post your articles on groups If they asked any questions and you can suggest your blog link to clear It. You should be active in groups so members on that group will contact  you frequently definitely you will get a good traffic.

Facebook Fan Page

I think you are looking for this right. Everyone know that fan page will give you loads and loads of traffic to your website. But you have to maintain It in a good way by Interacting with fans and answering for their questions. One more thing don't schedule posts on your page better manage them on live. By this way you will Increase more followers to your Facebok Fan page.

You can Like our Facebook Fan Page HERE

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How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers In 2014

Facebook Widget And Like/Share Button On Your Website

Facebook widget is really helpful to get huge engagement on your pages. If you have good amount of traffic from search engine add pop-up box on your website to get some more likes to your Fan page.
5 Must Have Social Sharing Buttons To Increase Website Traffic
Another one is Like/share button, you can add this on every post. So If a visitor likes your post and he/she will share your post on Facebook. If your post go viral you will get loads of traffic from Facebook.

Thanks For reading this article with your patience why I am saying this means everyone all above things. But I written this for newbies and other bloggers who don't know exactly how to Implement. Regarding to this article If you have any doubts or any other working methods to drive traffic from Facebook let me know through your comments. Your Response is valuable to us so must respond to this post thank you.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

8 Ways How a Blogger Can Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Site

Twitter is one of the best social networking site that helps a lot to promote your product/content on Internet. Most of the private companies and other Internet marketers choose twitter to promote their business. By using twitter bloggers can drive massive traffic to their blog/site. Never forget, it is an excellent tool in building relationship, a key part of growing your blogs. Here are few suggestions about how to use twitter to drive traffic to your blogs and I am excited to share it with you guys. Hope it helps everyone out there and you like it!!!!!

1. For driving traffic:

If you are launching any new feature on your site or starting new website, then tweet your followers so that they can know about your launching at the same time there are chances of spreading about your tweet. As it gets out, more and more people will visit your site to check out what it is all about. This will help you in driving more traffic to your site.

2. Networking with people:

By using twitter it helps our networking with people. You can connect with people with your tweets that draw attention of your followers. It not only helps to build our networking but gives more traffic to your site believe me guys.

3. Can get business contacts:

You might be wondering how we can get business contacts by using twitter??? Well, if we want any help like (looking for a job, if you want to hire someone, if you are sneaking any ideas or for getting any suggestions) twitter definitely helps us!! You may ask as a blogger why I need to Improve my business contacts, If you want to get good publicity to your site and wants to get some advertisements on your site business contacts helps a lot.

4.To mould yourself as an expert:

By tweeting about your subject, answering and questioning via tweets, searching for new contacts, will not only increase your knowledge but helps you to become an expert (which gives your Site great credibility and appeal).

5. For getting ideas for blog post:

For suppose, if we are feeling dry spell for upcoming with ideas what to post it really helps to get ideas and use your creativity. All you need to do is read and send some tweets so that we can know what people are talking. There are chances of getting something apt to spark a post idea.

6. By Questioning:

You might be using twitter to become an expert in your field but others may be using it for some other purpose. Remember; never be afraid for questioning because it helps us learn new things, find new bloggers and finally to connect with users.

7. Ask for any promotional help:

Twitter is a great place to ask your users to promote your blog post with a link back to their blog or by spreading the word to their own twitter followers. This definitely helps to drive more traffic to your site.

8. Get to the point:

Here you need to provide maximum information with minimum characters. This means you need to get straight to the point with your tweets.It is better to complete the post below 120 - 125 characters according to your username length.

Monday, 1 September 2014

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Photos And Videos

Facebook is the most popular social networking site, all most everyone have their own Facebook account now a days to connect with friends and most Importantly we can use It for business Development by promoting our products on targeted audience. We do lot of things in Facebook share photos, videos and chat ( messages ) with our friends. Some times we unfortunately delete message conversation or any shared data. But If you need It in some cases to read your earlier conversation or media you uploaded. In this tutorial I will explain you clearly how to retrieve deleted messages, photos, videos from Facebook In 2014. All you have to do is just follow my Instruction step by step carefully.

Retrieve Deleted Messages, Photos And Videos From Facebook 

  • To Retrieve your data first login in to your Facebook account.
  • After login into the account click on the drop down menu at the top right corner.
  • It will take you to the settings window.
  •  If you open settings It directly land you on General settings menu.
  • Click on the download a copy.
  •  It will display a window there click on the start archive.
  • Before starting archive It will display a pop-up saying that we will verify your Identity for security.
  • Again It will display a popup you can see below screenshot.
  • After few minutes you will get a E-mail to your associate Mail-ID.
  • Now you can download through your E-mail account or directly login in to from Facebook account and click on archive.
  • By re-entering password before downloading an archive.
                 Top 10 Google chrome Extensions For Social Media In 2014
That's It now you can retrieve each and every media, messages, friend list, events almost all things you did on Facebook in past time will be stored in to your hard-disk. I hope this article helps you, regarding to this tutorial If you have any doubts let me know through comments

Saturday, 5 July 2014

5 Must Have Social Sharing Buttons To Increase Website Traffic

It is difficult to get unique visitors to your blog frequently. Most of the newbies are struggling to get traffic to their blog or website. At Initial stages they eagerly add too many subscriptions options to the readers which makes really confusing where they have to share your article. So you have to optimize your subscription by choice there are so many social media buttons, news letter subscriptions are available for blog. Here you choose wisely, among those which are the good social networking sites that really add new subscribers to your blog and also brings you massive traffic to your blog from social media.
SEO is not consistent It is changing everyday so keep It in your mind and optimize your site to achieve good Alexa rank, Google page rank and get massive traffic from social networking sites. Here are the must have subscriptions for every blog or website.
Best SEO Tips And Tricks For Newbies In 2014

Must Have Social Sharing Buttons To Increase Website Traffic

Before Going to know about best Social Sharing buttons remember that feedburner is the most Important one everyone should add to their blog or website. That's why I didn't mention in the list of must have Social sharing buttons.

Facebook : When coming to Social Sharing Buttons for a blog Facebook fan page will be in the top of the list. Facebook have more than 1 Billion users but remember one thing It doesn't leverage search engine rank. If you have a large amount of followers on fan page you definitely get massive traffic from Facebook which can helps to get good awareness of your brand. Now a days fan pages are less responsive because of algorithm changed by Facebook, even you will get huge traffic If you have a fan page with large number of followers.

How To Activate Or Enable 2 Step Verification In Facebook

Twitter : No doubt twitter is the best place for online marketing. Every blog or website must have an official twitter account on brand name to bring more social media attention on your blog or website. For twitter there are so many automated tools that are really helpful to auto scheduling, send automated direct message to your followers

Google+ Follow Button : Google Plus is a highly recommended Social Sharing Button for every blog. For every blogger and digital marketer must have their own Google plus profile and brand page. Definitely you will benefit a lot and you can also add Google+ button for every page to share your post on Google Plus. 

Pinterest : Pinterest is really helpful to get good traffic to your blog, If you are uploading attractive Images to your posts. Pinterest have boards and pins If reader found Image is Informative and attractive definitely they will pin It. There is an option for a blog or website to add Pinterest button for every Images you upload in the blog. To add Pinterest button on every Image you need to add a simple code to your HTML. No doubt If you are good at creating Interesting and attractive Images definitely you will get a good attention from Pinterest.

YouTube Subscription : If you are a Internet marketer definitely you are well known about YouTube channel. Add Subscription button to your YouTube channel on blog or website, why because observe that you will search for any thing on Google at least you can see one video related to the topic. YouTube channel is the best way to rank your home page by adding videos related to your niche, brand or product.

Youtube Coolest Tips And Tricks Everyone Should know
Strategies To Increase Your Youtube Video Traffic

In my view these are the best Social Sharing Buttons to drive massive traffic to your blog and also helps to Improve page rank. If you have any other Ideas to Increase blog traffic and subscribers. Let me know through comments.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Top 10 Google chrome Extensions For Social Media In 2014

Everyone will admit that Google chrome is one among all browsers. Most of the Internet users prefer Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox because of speed. For me Google is the fastest browser with lot of extensions that are available in chrome web store. Today everyone have their own account in at least one social networking site. For those people Google Introduced some essential extensions that are very helpful to social media users to Improve productivity and user experience.

Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Social Media In 2014 

Instagram For Chrome : Now you can access Instagram directly from chrome. By using this extension you can give comments, likes, photo tags and some more Interesting features that are waiting for you. No doubt this extension will give you good user experience.
Lastpass (Password Manager) : To secure your social networking accounts lastpass is best choice. It will provide you strong password by using different grammar. You can activate auto login to your accounts in lastpass and also sync your passwords where ever you need them.
Post To Tumblr : This app specially for bloggers, In your blog are you posting frequently about your selected niche. This extension will help you to add content from any webpages with single click.
Evernote Web Clipper : This extension is familiar to I-phone users. Now this app is available for PC users through chrome browser. By using evernote you can save data, Images, links and screen shots. You can use It later from anywhere.
Add Blocker Plus : When your system is Infected with virus or any malware attack It is difficult to browse because of displaying unwanted popups and adds. At that time add blocker plus is very useful It will blocks those annoying advertisements and unwanted popups. Other special feature is you can block adds permanently on particular website by adding URL of that site.

Buffer : By using this  extension you can schedule your posts on almost all social networkingsites like Facebook, Twitter, and more.. Already some social networking sites like Facebook have their own schedule feature.
Unfriend Notification : Facebook will notify you every thing about friends activities but It doesn't send any notification when anyone unfriend you on Facebook. If you Install this extension, It will notify's you when anyone unfriend you on Facebook.
                            How To Activate Or Enable 2 Step Verification In Facebook

Hover zoom : To make your experience awesome on social networking sites hover zoom is the best choice. If you Install this extension on any website If the picture resolution is good you can see the picture on zoom by just moving the pointer to that Image.
Rite Tag : This is a must have extension for social media marketers. By using rite tag you can create tweet quickly  along with relevant hash-tags and you can schedule those tweets. There are so many features in rite tag like analytics and reports that are very helpful to social media marketers and also who wants to Increase their followers.

Google +1 Button : Google +1 is the best extension to find a best stuff on online for your friends and extended circles. If you visit any website you feel It is useful, You can share the selected website on Google plus profile and start discussion with your selected circles.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Top 10 Ways To Increase More Twitter Followers

Everyone knows that twitter is a top social networking  micro-blogging site. No doubt twitter is a largest social marketing tool ever. Most of the people don't know about automated too that are specially available for twitter. Top Free Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages On Twitter It allows only 140 characters to tweet, that is enough to get large number of followers to your account If you use It properly. Remember that don't use automated tools for everything It may harms rather than benefits like reducing tweet reach , klout score etc..

How To Increase Your Twitter Followers :

Now I am going to share my personal experience about blogging and twitter. I started blogging  on technology, SEO, Blogging, android etc.. few months ago TECHBULK. When I was new to blogging It is  difficult to drive traffic to my website. To get huge traffic social networking sites are good source so I started learning of twitter marketing on Internet like you, with my experience I suggest you the best ways to follow that will Increase followers on twitter.

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Drive Traffic To Your Twitter Profile :

For example If you have any new blog or product to promote, you need to drive traffic to your website. By sharing your blog with friends, commenting on other blogs, submitting links to high page ranks sites and If you have lot of money you can go for advertisement. Follow same strategies to your twitter profile.

Add Tweet Button :

If you are serious about micro-blogging or Increase followers this is the best way. While you are tweeting add tweet button. By doing this everyone will ReTweet and It may go viral to thousand Internet users. So tweet useful and good article to attract twitter users.

Don't Stop Tweets :

For every blog or social networking account frequent updates and rich content is very Important. If any new followers visit your profile, they found you didn't update any tweet for long time and even If you tweet It wont be good these makes followers disappoint. So where ever you are at least try to do minimum tweets to stay connect with your followers.

Attractive Background and Complete Profile :

Customize your twitter background attractively which is helpful to make the visitors follow. Fill out your complete Bio is also very Important because every follower wants to know about designation, Bio of an author. 

Keep An Eye On Unfollow Users : 

This is one of the best way to get lot of followers to your twitter account. It may arise a question how It is possible. Follow lot of people to get lot of followers, but you need to check whether they are following you are not. If they are not following, you can just unfollow them by using automated Twitter tools 

Find Your Niche And Follow :

Follow the people who are tweeting same niche, using certain keywords in Bio. It will be helpful to get more followers, because your profile will display the Information about your niche and audience will get attracted to your profile. 

Keep Your Post Short Enough To Retweet :

Retweets are very Important to get new followers to your profile. Retweeting is the only way to get noticed by the people who are not following you. So you have to post short enough to add RT and username to retweet your post. It is better to complete the post below 120 - 125 characters according to your username length.

Reply Publicly :

Reply to the fellow users in public, It offers a chance to other followers to join in that conversation which is helpful to Increase followers. Organize twitter competitions, contests, questions etc.. by offering attractive prizes or gifts. If followers will like definitely they will retweet your profile.  

Participate In Contest :

Participate on twitter contest really helps, because there you can meet all group of twitter users they may like your niche and follow you and also promote your profile. If you participate in contest definitely It will brings you quality followers. 

Share Valuable Content :

Most Importantly post Informative content which is useful to everyone that makes the followers to retweet. Post too many tweets and link to others, which helps to Increase the follower count.

Conclusion :

 I hope that above tips will helps you to get more followers on twitter account. Remember ones you get followers don't let them go by un-following you. For that you need to update your profile, tweet useful and rich content, don't spam, don't use auto- responding tools too much..  

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Top Free Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages On Twitter

Everyone should accept that twitter is best marketing tool ever. Even though there are popular social networking sites like Facebook, Stumbleupon to drive traffic to your website. or to share any Interesting things. Twitter is getting popular day by day, tools for twitter users also Increasing. Suppose If you want to tell about your new blog to your followers on twitter It is difficult to send direct message manually. You may have a doubt If you send messages to all followers about our product or website It considered as a spam, but you send only useful Information about your new brand It never considered as a spam . Let us see the tools that are free to send automated direct message on twitter.

Amazing Twitter Tools To Send Auto DM & Mass DM

SocialOomph : Social Oomph is an twitter tool to send auto DM to the followers to promote your new brand or blog, you can also use this tool follow twitter users those who are following you, track keywords, new followers and many features are there. In this both paid and free versions are available everyone known's that paid versions have some added features compare to free versions. Choose the correct one according to your needs.
TwitterDmer : This is an awesome tool and very user friendly , I suggest TwitterDmer for new twitter users. By using this tool you can send automated personal messages to new followers along with old followers. It has some Inbuilt messages that are very useful while you are promoting your brand or some times you feel bored with your own words that moment you can select those pre- written messages. No doubt TwitterDmer is an amazing tool for both new users and long time users on twitter.
TweetAdder : I recommend this tool for bloggers, because It has amazing features that are really helpful to bloggers. By using this tool you can send auto DM, manage multiple twitter accounts etc. It have that capacity to analyze the current trendy topics. No doubt you will be satisfy with this best twitter tool.
TweetManager : Twitter Manager is also one of the best user friendly tool as twitterDmer. By using this tool we can send auto DM to large number of followers. It has some highlight features such as auto response to the messages, schedule your tweets etc..
TwitterMassDM : This is an amazing tool to promote your new brand or article you written by sending automated direct messgaes to all followers or selected one.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Youtube Coolest Tips And Tricks Everyone Should know

Youtube is the largest video streaming website, here all online public can express their views on shared videos. Registered users of Youtube can upload their videos regarding to the product, technology, health, movies, clips and also watch all Popular TV shows, funny videos etc.. In Youtube there are so many tricks which makes your experience better. But no one wants to spend whole time to know all the tricks because everyone is busy in their life. When you are watching videos on youtube channels you need to know these simple tricks that are very helpful.
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Useful Youtube Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know

Auto Replay : In youtube you can replay your video as many times as you want by replacing youtube with infiniteloop in the URL bar.

Original Link :

Modified Link :

It also have one special feature you can replay the video from particular part you want.

Feather Beta Feature : When you are using slow Internet It is very difficult to browse and mainly you could not see video easily. But there is a hidden feature in youtube that helps you to Increase video speed by removing bytes which will slow down the browser speed. Follow link to join 
Feather Beta Feature.
Exact Keyword : Youtube has large collection of videos, when you want to watch a video you will search according to the title but It displays unrelated videos also. To avoid this, type allintitle: before the keyword or title you want to search. Checkout below screenshot to get an Idea.
Play In HD : When you play any video on youtube It wills starts with low quality to Increase buffer speed.Youtube has Its default settings to play video fastly. If you have high speed Internet you like watch videos in HD just add Magic actions for youtube extension to your browser. It enables auto HD option for youtube videos.  This extension is available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Particular Start Time : If you are Interested to share a video with your friends but you want to highlight some part of that video that have to watch by your friends. For that you specify exact time when you share that video on social networking sites. But adding simple code to that link you can play that video at  exact time duration.You can see the link below how I edited It with code.
  2. ( Add #t=09s )
  3. If selected video has 5 minutes duration or more. If you want to play that video at 2 minutes 15 seconds.
  4. Add #t=01m09s

Sunday, 1 June 2014

How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers In 2014

Facebook is one of the top most popular social networking site. Now a days everyone have their own Facebook account. But no one think about their Facebook account is secured or not. There are so many ways to damage your account. For example malicious software, Spam videos, unknown links that are Injected by cyber criminals to trap Facebook accounts, to access your account without your knowledge. There is no software's to secure your account, but If you follow some tips that will helps you to stay safe on Facebook. 

      Tips To Stay Safe On Facebook In 2014

These are the primary tips you need to know to secure your Facebook account.

Beware Of Spammers : In Facebook there are so many unwanted video links that are created by spammers. Social network is best choice to spread any video or Information, so spammers choose Facebook to spread links. If unfortunately you click on this link, It can access your account and comment somewhere without your knowledge to target other Facebook users to spread their spammy links.

Messages From Facebook : If you have Facebook pages you may get some messages like message from Facebook security team or team to make your page most secure click on this link. Don't click on that message links those are created by cyber criminals to steal your Facebook page. So better to Ignore such type of messages.

Application Permissions : In Facebook there are lot of application some of that are most dangerous which can access your account without your knowledge even you are not active on Facebook. So better to read permissions carefully before giving permission to that app.

Upgrade Notifications: Sometimes when you start video or watching video It may ask you to upgrade video plugins or codec. Actually those are already blocked by antivirus on your system because those codecs are Trojan horse that may harmful to your account. If you really want to upgrade your video codecs go to official sites.

Turn On Notifications : Turn on login notification, whenever you login in to your account, you receive e-mail from facebook with particular time, date, browser..

Change Your Password Frequently : Changing your password frequently is one of the best thing to keep your account safe and also use both upper case and lower case letters along with this use symbols and numbers that makes your password strengthen.

Don't Accept Friend Request From unknown Persons : I saw many people on Facebook they add others even they don't know their faces each other. Facebook ask you to recognize your friend where he is tagged in a photo for security. If you don't answer correctly your account may block by Facebook.

Add Phone Number : Add phone number to your account make it visible only me. If you get any problem with your account,you can easily get It back by typing the code sent from Facebook. Make sure that don't keep your mobile number visible because cyber criminals can access your phone number also beware of It.

Add Security Question : Security question is another option to get back your Facebook account. Add unique answer which you only know, make sure you should remember that answer.

2 Step Verification : In 2 step verification you need account password and other one is randomly generated code sent to your mobile as sms or to your app Every time you accessed from new browser/device. But this feature is not available in all countries. Facebook call it as Login Approval's. Facebook is providing 2 step verification for limited countries only. It's not available in some countries In India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri lanka, Philippines and many more countries. Click on below link to activate 2 step verification In India.

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Strategies To Increase Your Youtube Video Traffic

Youtube is the largest video sharing website, here all online public can express their views on shared videos. Registered users of youtube can upload their videos regarding to the product, technology, health, online marketing strategies, movies, clips etc.. You can subscribe to the channel to get frequent updates. So many people upload videos according to their Interests, but if you want to maximize your youtube video traffic It is challenging to beginners. For those newbie's I suggest you the best strategies that are very helpful to increase your youtube video traffic.
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                 Strategies  To Increase Your Youtube Video Traffic

Link Back To Your Site: Link back is one of the best way to increase traffic and sales to your product. By adding external link at the end of your video you can increase the traffic of your website and youtube channel. Confirm that from where you are getting traffic to your website, youtube is most engaged traffic.

Select proper Youtube Companion: Choosing sutiable partner to your channel is also very important. There are so many users having thousands of subscribers, search for the users whose subscribers also may show interest to buy your product or interested in your tips & tricks. For example your channel is related to technology make partner with tech guru's.

Fill Out Descriptions Completely: In 2006 youtube was owned by Google, To make your video findable on first page of search engines you need to fill all empty boxes with proper keywords and descriptive. So make sure that before going to publish your video fill all empty boxes ( title, category, give credits, tags etc...)

Be Smart: Youtube marketing is becoming on of the huge online marketing source for almost all things, products, education purpose etc.. So before going to create a video of your own make sure that points you described should be unique, creative graphics and do what ever you can, to make your video outstanding.

Describe Your Brand: This is very Important before going to start any channel. You should describe about your product, brand, organization or any thing you are going to start. Through visualization is one of the best way to tell the story about your brand. If you have any tutorial, organization make video by involving fellow members and customers of that company. By making the video like this they will share the video to their networks and quickly become the hot trend.

Creative: Youtube videos are funky very easy to make and upload. Be creative, If you take one week time to upload a video you will get more visitors. It's that simple while creating a video you should remind all things which will helps you to increase your video traffic, such as creative graphics, filling out descriptions completely, shoot short videos ( videos less than 2 minutes make highest views in youtube).

Tell Your Fans To Make Video Reviews: Referrals are always best marketing strategy to get more traffic. Ask your fans to make short videos about their experiences with your brand. These videos tell our both sides positive and negative feed back. Positive reviews are always helpful and negative is also helpful to learn how to improve our brand.

Add Watermark To Your Videos: Adding watermark to your videos is one of the best way to increase subscribers along with video traffic. You can add branded watermark to all of your videos by using Invideo programming. Users can subscribe to your channel by clicking on this watermark. This is one of the best feature use it significantly.

Monday, 5 May 2014

How To Activate Or Enable 2 Step Verification In Facebook

We all know that google has giving maximum security with 2 step verification.Facebook also launched 2 Factor Verification but this feature is not available in all countries. Facebook call it as Login Approval's. Facebook is providing 2 step verification for limited countries only. It's not available in some countries In India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri lanka, Philippines and many more countries.

         What Is 2 Step Verification And How It Will Works

It means to login in to your account you need password. In 2 step verification you need account password and other one is randomly generated code sent to your mobile as sms or to your app Every time you accessed from new browser/device. Even though the person know your password he cannot get access to your account directly without knowing the randomly generated code sent to your mobile.

How To Activate OR Enable 2 Step Verification In India

It means Facebook has launched this feature in U.K and some other countries also.By using those countries Proxy we can enable this feature.Here I am using UK proxy.

Activate OR Enable 2 Step Verification In India:
  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Now get UK proxy from here.
  • Open menu>>options>>Advanced>>Click on settings.
  •  In connection settings select manual proxy configuration.Enter HTTP Proxy and Port.Here I used UK Proxy.Tick use this proxy for all protocols.
  • Save settings and login to your facebook account.
  • Click on settings>>security settings>>here you can see login approvals. (If you can't see you may entered wrong proxy please try another one..)
  • Just click on it.
  •  It will pop up a window. Click on Get Started to activate 2 factor verification to your account.
  • Here you can setup your phone to receive randomly generated code through facebook app then select "android, I-phone or I-pod Touch" option.
  • If you want to get randomly generated code through mobile SMS select "other" option
  • select other option and click on "continue". After click on continue button facebook sends you a text message to your mobile which you already registered with facebook.
  • Just enter the code below which you received on mobile.
  • After entered the code click on continue. Now you can enjoy 2 step verification feature on your account.
NOW: If any one try to login in to your account from unrecognized browsers with password, they cannot get access to your account without entering randomly generated code received on your mobile.