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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How To Watch Or Play 3D Movies On Pc/Laptop Using VLC Player

Actually 3-dimensional video is a motion picture which shows an extra dimension of a movie clip. Now the question is you can watch 3-d movies on PC or Laptop which doesn't have 3-d screen ? "Answer is yes". By using VLC Player you can watch 3d movies on your laptop or pc by just changing the settings. You may thought other players also can play 3d side by side format but other media players split the screen here VLC player will help you. All you need is anaglyph 3d glasses.

Note: In vlc media player only problem is you can watch video in red and cyan colors.

Steps To Watch 3D video in VLC Media Player 

Let me explain you how to change your normal video to 3D mode in vlc media player. Just follow this simple steps.

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  • Click on 'TOOLS' > Effects & Filters

  • It displays you one Pop Up window there go to > Video Effects Tab

  • Then select advanced tab and check Anaglyph 3D.
  •  That's Now you can watch 3D movies on your Laptop Or PC by using Vlc Media Player.
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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How To Secure Your Whatsapp Account With End To End Encryption

Messagin giant Whatsapp is the most admired Instant messenger by the people because of Its unique features like messages, chat, calls, document sharing, location sharing with your pals. Now Whatsapp has 1 Billion users over the world. Previous there are so many updates are rolled out but this time whatsapp comes with End To End Encryption for your whatsapp account. 

The main Intension of this update is secure your whatsapp account from cyber criminals, thirdparty- softwares, even whatsapp employees can't see your chat, calls, pictures, videos whatever you can share It in whatsapp account with your friends each and every Individual user will be encrytped, It will be completely secured with End To End Encryption.

This update is announced by jan koum co-founder of Whatsapp, revealing that Whatsapp has always working to protect your privacy and data more secure as possible. Now Whatsapp is the only messenger which can protect your communication with each and every individual user of your Whatsapp contacts by enabling End To End Protection. This feature of Whatsapp is available for almost all Operating Systems such as Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry OS and other mobile oeprating systems.

I know most of the people don't know what is exactly End To End encryption and How It will protects your communication and data from hackers and Government authorities.

What is End To End Encryption? 

Let me explain you clearly encryption means converting the plain text or any other media into code format. This cannot be accessible by the Government authorities, hackers, or any third party apps because of End To End encryption.

 How Whatsapp End To End Encryption Will secure your Whatsapp Account?

From last couple of years Whatsapp teamed up with non-profitable software group whisper systems. This encryption is developed on single protocol they rolled out this feature on every single platform on which Whatsapp is available.

Once the End To End encryption is enabled to any Individual user no need to reactivate this, except existing session is stopped or un-installation of an app from the device.

How To Enable End To End Encryption On Your Mobile Or Device ?

  • Whatsapp enabled this feature by default. if you and your friends have latest version of whatsapp and all communication will be encrypted.
  •  Once you open a chat Whatsapp dispalys you a popup message whta exactly End To End Encryption.
  •  Now click on verify It will take you to QR Code which has string of 60 numbers.
  • Now take your friend mobile and scan the QR code from your phone If code is matched your chat is encrypted.
  • If QR Code doesn't match it will show you exclamation mark displaying code is not matched.
After a long time I wrote this article frankly speaking I am not able to put complete effort while writing on this post. If you found any mistakes or doubts that are raised in your mind, let me know through your contacts or you can contact me through contact us.

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

10 Tips To Secure Your Online Transactions & Payments

These days online security have Its own prominent role in Internet fundamentals, online transactions, mobile payments, online shopping and much more which are Involved in online transactions. Apart from these things secure your bank account from online attacks became very hectic to Internet users and businessman's who are using their bank accounts for financial transactions.

I will tell you best example for online frauds, credit card manipulating and so many techniques to hack our bank accounts and social networking accounts.
Biggest online fraud in history was done by Albert Gonzalez. He is an American hacker and cyber criminal to do this fraud he developed one group name It as "ShadowCrew" in that group he never revealed his original Identity and stolen 1.5 million credit cards and ATM pins. To know completely about Albert Gonzalez and his fraud check It out Wikipedia.

Let me tell you most Important and essential tips to secure your online financial transactions and other online payments from such frauds and also from cyber criminal who are willing to hack your accounts without your knowledge.

Tips To Secure Your Financial Transactions & Payments

1. Don't Share CVV Number & Expiry Date of your Card

For both credit card & debit card users 3-digit CVV number is printed on back side of the card. Don't share your CVV number with others and also one more best thing is erase CVV number on the card. CVV number and card expiry date plays an Important role while you are using card for online transactions. 

To gather Information of  debit/credit cards cyber criminals will call you and they ask expiry date and CVV number of the card. Beware of such frauds don't give any Information through telephone, email etc.. 

2. Internet Banking Password

Don't use date of birth, nickname as a password. Use both upper case and lower case letters along with this use symbols and numbers that makes your password strengthen. Most Importantly password should be long which makes difficult to crack password and also read 

3. SMS Alert!

Connect your mobile number with bank account to get alerts when ever you deposit, withdraw money, transfer to other accounts. By activating SMS alert we can stop frauds at Initial stages.

4. Take Care Of PIN Number

Better to don't reveal your PIN Number at malls, petrol bunks and restaurants etc with your loud voice. Enter your PIN number with your own hands. Most cases nothing will happened If any of the person know your PIN number along with CVV and expiry date you may have higher risk.

5. Don't Give Much Information To Social Networking Sites

Social media is most powerful weapon to grow our business or any other human relationships. Along with that there are some loopholes which leads to frauds and card/account manipulations. Don't give banking details in social media like PAN number, ACCOUNT number, Date Of Birth which are connected to your bank account. It may leads to security breach to your account and financial transactions.

6. Don't Do Financial Or Other Online Payments At Cyber         Cafe 

Avoid cyber cafe and other personal computers to do online transactions and other payments. Why because you don't how securely they are maintaining their PC's, If they connected key logger all Information and passwords will store in that keylogger. If that PC doesn't have good antivirus It may leads to grab your Information by malicious software and other trojan viruses.

7. Don't Click On Email Links

Day by day Internet marketing is Increasing. Each and every company, banks, organizations using this opportunity to develop their business and user experience by sending attractive offers on home loans, vehicle loans, shopping coupons etc.. Along with that frauds also Increased by using web hosting services they will send you an Email with link, which seems like your bank website URL. Better to don't click and fill the details, Instead of this If you want to visit your banker's website go through by typing in address bar.

8. Firewall Should Be Enabled

Most of the Internet users to Increase their Internet speed they disable firewall.Increase Internet Speed In Windows 7 But never do this when you are doing any online transaction & other payments. Actually firewall protects you from malware attacks while downloading and browsing. One more thing Install well graded antivirus to protect your system from malicious software and other viruses.

9. Secure Your Mobile Device With Antivirus & Built-in             Features 

  1. Install well graded Antivirus on your mobile to make secured online transactions.
  2. Mobile companies like blackberry offering enterprise security features and built-in military Graded security Blackberry 10 OS
  3. Never save your Email-ID or Passwords because there is a trick to see your saved passwords without your knowledge on google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and almost all other browsers.

    How To See Passwords Behind Dots or Stars In Google Chrome

  4. Now a days most of the people using android OS, IOS & Blackberry for businessman here I fully reviewed which operating system have good security compare to all other OS platforms in the market.

10. Use Virtual Keyboard

Yes you heard It right use virtual keyboard to protect your transactions from spywares. Spyware will grab the data according to keys you are typing on keyboard. By using virtual keyboards risk will be almost reduced.

That's all folks regarding to this article If you have any doubts are known security tips let other knows through comments. Thanks for reading my articles and valuable feedback.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

How To Use Google Search Engine More Effectively In 2015

When ever you want to search something on Internet first Google will strikes in your mind. Google is not only offering search engine. It has so many services like G-mail, Google drive, blogger and so many other products also. Let come to the point Google search engine has almost 79% share is covered by this search engine gaint. Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, ask are other search engines with less growth. Now a days everyone will search on Google for every doubt that raises in your mind.

Up to this everyone will grab Information what they want but Google search engine has some hidden tricks actually not hidden so many of us don't know. These tricks will help you to find your Information very easily and effectively.

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Tips & Tricks For Searching Effectively On Google

Source Code

We all know about Internet very well and also good on how to find specific Information on Internet. At this time to make your work more easy just add source code which will helps you to find Information very easily.

For Example : If you want to search for android tricks and you know TECHBULK.COM have good content on that niche then you have to type ANDROID TRICKS: in search bar.

How To Increase Internet Speed In Windows 7

Start Symbol

This is very helpful If you don't know the exact spelling of a keyword or phrase you can add start symbol to get the exact Information of the searched keyword. For example If you want to search for a keyword like ASPIRIN you can add start symbol "an aspirin". It will shows you an aspirin a day like results.

How To Find Same Niche Websites ?

This is most Important trick everyone wants It most of the times. Suppose you want to search for a specific Information but one website is not enough to get complete data on that topic. At that time type related: in search bar. It will display you all related niche websites to that site.

Movies & Flight Schedules

To find movie timing, flight schedules everything you want no need to go for particular websites. All you need to do is just type showtimes: Movie name  that's It. It will display you all theaters show timings in search results. Similarly you can search for other categories also.

Some other Important Features

There are so many Interesting features that are very helpful to you in daily life you can do typical math problems, currency conversions, length conversions and most exciting feature no need of online dictionary. Now you can find meaning for every word by just typing It on search bar.

That's It guys you feel above shared tricks will satisfy your needs If you know any other tricks let all of us know through comments. Thanks for visiting my blog, do me a favor by sharing this article on social networks.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

How To Disable Or Remove Blue Tick Marks In Whastsapp

If you check whatsapp chat now we are seeing blue tick mark after message successfully delivered. Yes It is a new feature launched by whatsapp recently to know whether our charting partner seen our messages or not. In some times this will be good but most of the times It will causes you so many problems.
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Suppose your girl friend messaged you and she wants to chat with you, that time you are busy and Ignored that messages after seeing. She will knows that you checked her message and don't want to reply It may end your relationship too so be careful guys.

For those who don't want this blue tick marks on chat whatsapp has new beta version for android operating system In this version you can disable blue ticks by disabling read receipt option.

Let me explain you how to disable or remove blue tick mark seen in whatsapp easily by following simple steps.  

How To Download Whatsapp Beta Version For Android Mobiles?

  • To download new beta version of whatsapp you need to enable "unknown sources" in settings. 
  • Then you can download It from whatsapp official website, which is not available at play store.
  • After downloading Install It on your android mobile.
  • Now go to settings>> privacy >> Here you can disable Read Receipt option.
That's It now you can check your whatsapp messages without switch off your mobile data to check. Actually one of my friend do this when ever he don't want to chat he just off the mobile data and check messages to escape from blue tick marks.
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Thanks for visiting my blog If you have any Ideas or doubts regarding to this post or other related topics let me know through comments. I will respond to you within 24 hours.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive And PC

In past I shared so many tips and tricks regarding to how to protect your PC/laptop from virus.

Now I am sharing best working methods to remove shorcut virus. It is a latent trojan virus which affects your both Internal and external memory. shortcut virus is also known as cool.vbs, you may see this files also when your PC or pendrive affected with Shortcut virus. Even though you are using powerful antivirus some times your Pendrive will be a victim of shortcut virus.

Actually shortcut virus will come through Internet while browsing, downloading from cloud storage, sharing files on Internet etc... It will crash your data and makes your PC slow How To Make Your PC/Laptop Run Faster And Smoother and create shortcut folder for original folder by using windows autorun vunerability. 

 I personally experienced this when I am studying my graduate course my pendrive is completely affected with shortcut virus actually I used It only for college Seminars. At that time It was really annoying and so much loss of data on pendrive, I searched for solutions on Internet after reading so many tutorials I found the best ways that are very efficient and easy  ways to remove shortcut virus from your PC/laptop and pendrive.

Methods To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your PC & Flash Drives

There are two best working methods to remove shortcut virus (cool.vbs) from your PC/Laptop and other flash drives ( memory card, pendrive ). Just follow my step by step guide to remove this virus.

Remove Shortcut Virus Using Command Prompt ( CMD )

You may thought It is difficult to use for persons who don't have command on command Promt and aslo technically. Here no skills are required just follow my Instructions.
How To Copy & Paste In The Windows CMD or Command Prompt
  • Click on start button  go to run and type CMD and hit on enter.
  • Now you need to write simple command which you can see below.
              attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive-Name:*.*
  • All you need to do is replace Drive-name with your drive name to remove shortcut virus from It.
  •  Example I want to remove that virus from "E" drive then I will replace Drive-Name with "E" attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d E:*.*
  • That's It shortcut virus is removed.

Remove Shortcut Virus Using .BAT File

This is an another method to remove shortcut virus, If above method is little difficult. You can follow this one, In this method you have to type above code on notepad and save It with .bat extension. One more thing you have another advantage in this method you can remove shortcut virus from multiple drives at a time. Let me tell you how to do It.
  • Open notepad and copy paste the below code.
@echo off 

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive-Name:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive-Name:*.* 

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive-Name:*.* 

@echo complete
  • Replace Drive-Name with your drives which are affected by shortcut virus.
  • Save that notepad file as removevirus.bat ( Note: save file on desktop )
  • Now run that file that's It all shorcut virus are removed from the drives you mentioned in the notepad.
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I hope this article will helps you to remove shortcut virus If It will do me a favour by sharing this on social networking sites. Regarding to this article If you have any doubts or any other methods let me know through comments.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Tips To Get More Visitors To Your Website For Free

Everyone wants to Increase traffic to their website/blog. Among those most of the Bloggers who are new to blogging world definitely you have a doubt how can I bring traffic to my blog. So many bloggers quit blogging because of not getting sufficient traffic to their site. If there is no traffic = no Income. There are so many ways to bring traffic to website we cannot explain It in one article. Someone spend money to get traffic If you really want to become a successful blogger better to do that work yourself. In this post I will explain you some proven ways that will definitely brings you loads of traffic to your website guys trust me. Remember one thing you have to work hard don't be lazy If you want success smart work + hard work = success.

Proven Ways To bring Quality Traffic To Your Website

Social Media Engagement

Social networkings are very popular these days every one have their own account on atleast one social media network. Why because Social media is the main source for almost all business companies, local firms, Internet marketing, product/ service promotions and bloggers. So If you have a good traffic from social networking sites definitely you will be rank on Google search engine.
There are some top social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest, Digg, Linked In, Youtubeand many more, that will brings you loads of traffic to your website

Create Android App And Publish It To The Google Play Store & Amazon App Store

I personally suggest you this method definitely It will works. Everyone know's that android has huge market in electronic gadgets day by day It is Increasing. If you create an android app and publish It to the Google store and Amazon store definitely It will helps you to bring a extra visitors to your blog.

Website Should Be Optimized For Mobile Version

Day by day technology is developing, these days so many of us using mobiles to search particular topic or query because they are offering such facilities to the mobile devices. So If any visitor wants to visit your site It will be very slow loading of homepage definitely they go back It may Increases bounce rate of your blog. Here you can check how to control bounce rate of your website

If you are on Wordpress platform you can use a plugin or go with any other services. There is one site of Google that will help you to optimize your website according to the mobile version and everything. Work across multiple Devices

Add Your Website To Google Chrome Store

Trust me guys this will be definitely works to drive good traffic to your site. I observed so many pro bloggers they are not using this method why I don't but this is the best way to get free and continuous traffic. You can do this within 10 minutes.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo )

Why I mentioned this at end of the post is actually I written this post for beginners and also for old bloggers who are struggling to bring traffic to their blogs. It will be quite difficult to get seearch engine traffic without proper keyword research and many more Search engine optimization tricks 2014. When ever you discussed about search engines Google search engine will strikes first. Why because It holds more than 75% of search engine market share. But don't Ignore other search engines like Bing and  Yahoo If you rank top.
9 Essential Things To Learn To Become A Successful Blogger In 2014

Rich Content

I think in every post that is related to blog definitely I told you these If you have a rich content no doubt you will get free unique visitors. If you do all above things for your blog and content is poor visitors will not show Interest to read your articles. Most Importantly don't copy and paste It, Google know everything which content is duplicate so beware of that. Concentrate on your topic while writing an article.

One more thing guys you need to update your blog with fresh content daily to get ranked on Google search engines why because Google like blog's which have fresh content updating daily.

Thank's for reading this article with your patience If you have any Ideas or suggestion regarding to this blog post or any other content on the website let me know through comments. I hope this article will helps you to drive traffic to your site If It will do me a favour by sharing this article on social networking sites.

How To Unlock/Remove Memory Card Password

Everyday new electronic gadgets are coming in to the market. Most of them are mobiles, camcorders, and many more electronic devices. Among those almost all products have memory slot to store some data by using memory cards. Even mobile phones are coming with Inbuilt Internal storage most of us prefer external memory card also to store some data to reduce load of a phone. Yes  It's true If you store too much data in Internal storage It may slow down your devices and It may be updated or crashed without your knowledge because of device software update. To protect our data we set a password to the external memory card, even you set that password some times you may forgot or some other reasons you want unlock that password. 
In this tutorial I will explain you clearly how to unlock/ remove your external memory card password easily. You may ask data will be safe or not, I will share both methods according to your device and functions follow the suitable method.

Simple Tricks To Unlock Your  Memory card Password

There are some methods using with PC and another one is without using PC. I will explain both methods along with some other tricks to remove password to micro-SD card. To do this trick you don't need any special talent, just follow my Instructions to break your memory card password that's It.

Unlock Memory Card Password In Android Phones With PC

  • Your android mobile should support file manager.
  • Go to file manager, In settings panel select System folders.
  • There you can find mmcstore file.
  • Just connect your mobile to PC through USB.
  • Copy that file to PC and choose notepad to open It.
  • Once file will opened through notepad you can see the password.
Remember this trick can be applied for any other devices If that phone have file manager and access you to mmcstore file which has located in the memory card.

Unlock Password In Symbian Phones Without PC

As I mentioned this trick is done without using PC here you go :
  • Before going to share this method I need clarify that If you have Nokia E- series or N - 95 mobile you go head without any objection.
  • Insert memory card in Nokia E- series or N - 95.
  • Now format your memory It doesn't ask you any password.
 If you don't have that series phone you try this trick at your own risk. ( Need To Use PC )
  • As I said in previous method you can try to unlock password by Installing file explorer on your mobile
  • Select path C:/system/data/mmcstore file 
  • Connect your phone to PC through USB cable to copy that file on PC
  • Now you can see the password by opening mmcstore file in notepad.
I tell you one thing with my experience If the data is really Important to you better to choose another method actually which is not recommended in Symbian operating systems. But If you have that knowledge It is not a matter.

Easiest Way To Unlock Your Memory Card Password 

  • Just connect your memory card through card reader or USB cable and choose format option.
  • That's It now you can use It without any password.
Again I am saying this If you want to keep your Information, for android users no need to worry If you are using Symbian operating system mobile go with  Installing file explorer method.

I hope this article helps you to solve your problem, If It is do me a favour by sharing this article on social sharing networks. Regarding to this article If you have any doubts or suggestions let me know through comments.

Monday, 1 September 2014

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Photos And Videos

Facebook is the most popular social networking site, all most everyone have their own Facebook account now a days to connect with friends and most Importantly we can use It for business Development by promoting our products on targeted audience. We do lot of things in Facebook share photos, videos and chat ( messages ) with our friends. Some times we unfortunately delete message conversation or any shared data. But If you need It in some cases to read your earlier conversation or media you uploaded. In this tutorial I will explain you clearly how to retrieve deleted messages, photos, videos from Facebook In 2014. All you have to do is just follow my Instruction step by step carefully.

Retrieve Deleted Messages, Photos And Videos From Facebook 

  • To Retrieve your data first login in to your Facebook account.
  • After login into the account click on the drop down menu at the top right corner.
  • It will take you to the settings window.
  •  If you open settings It directly land you on General settings menu.
  • Click on the download a copy.
  •  It will display a window there click on the start archive.
  • Before starting archive It will display a pop-up saying that we will verify your Identity for security.
  • Again It will display a popup you can see below screenshot.
  • After few minutes you will get a E-mail to your associate Mail-ID.
  • Now you can download through your E-mail account or directly login in to from Facebook account and click on archive.
  • By re-entering password before downloading an archive.
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That's It now you can retrieve each and every media, messages, friend list, events almost all things you did on Facebook in past time will be stored in to your hard-disk. I hope this article helps you, regarding to this tutorial If you have any doubts let me know through comments

Friday, 29 August 2014

How To Copy & Paste In The Windows CMD or Command Prompt

Before going in to the post I am really happy to say that my Inbox is filled with lot of messages. Most of them are appreciated my articles and few are not satisfied with my articles. In that most of the people asking me to write posts on windows tips & tricks, android and some other social media tips. For those here I am going to share a post on windows CMD.             
Everyone know that windows doesn't allow copy paste in command prompt or CMD. If you are new to CMD and wants to execute a command to remove virus or executing any Java related Program and other commands which are grabbed from Internet or any other source. It may be pesky to type those commands properly without using copy paste feature. To make your work easy on command prompt. In this tutorial I will explain you about how to enable hidden feature of CMD that will allow you to copy and paste text in windows command prompt or copy text from CMD and paste It outside of the Command prompt.

How To Enable Copy & paste text In Windows CMD

To enable that feature just follow my Instructions along with that, you can see the screenshots below regarding to this tutorial to understand clearly.
  • Click on windows start button in search box type run.
  •  open run and type "cmd".
  • Now right click on command prompt window and click on properties.
  • It will display a window, here check the quick edit mode box and click on OK.
  • Now you successfully enabled quick edit mode in command prompt to copy and paste text.
  • If you want to copy text from cmd first you have to right click on the CMD window >> Edit >> Mark
  • Now select your text you want to copy and right click on the CMD window>> Edit>>Copy It. You can see the screenshot below.
  • If you want to to paste text in the CMD, copy the text you want to paste and right click on the windows CMD >> Edit >> Paste. you can see the screenshot below.
That's It I hope this article is helpful to you If It is share this article on social media and help me. Regarding to this article If you have any doubts let me know through comments or contact form.

How To Customize Folders With Different Colors In Windows

We store lot of stuff in our personal computer such as audio, video, data files and so many Important things. But It is difficult to find when you want the particular file to access quickly because all files and folders have similar color. So It will take some time to Identify the specific files or folders. To find out those files and folders easily there is a software which can customize folders with awesome colors to navigate easily and make your computer/laptop pretty. In this tutorial I will explain you clearly how to use folder colorizer software to customize your folders with your favourite colors. All you need to do is just follow my Instructions below. 
                                    Best Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know
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Installation Process Of  Folder Colorizer  

  • Open your favourite browser and Download Folder colorizer. You can also download It from HERE 
  • There you can see few windows utilities. Among those click on the folder colorizer and download It for free.
  • After downloading double click on the folder colorizer setup.exe to Install application. Before Installing once read out the agreement clearly and click on Install button.
  • While Installing It may ask you to Install Microsoft dot net frame 3.0 check out the terms and conditions then click on Install.
  • That's It now you can use folder colorizer to apply your favourite colors to the specific folders which looks pretty good and ease of access.

How To Customize Folders With Folder Colorizer?

  • Select the particular folder you want to customize and give right click on the folder.
  • In that right click menu you can see colorizer go through It and select which color you want to apply.
  • Immediately folder color will be changed to selected color that's It.
  • You can restore folder color by clicking on the restore original color.
  • If you want customize colors, click on the colors and It will appear one window now you can select your favourite color and also add It to the menu which will be displayed in the colorizer menu.
  • I uploaded a screenshot regarding to this how to customize folders by using folder colorizer software. You can see the screen shots below merged as one Image.
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I hope this tutorial is helpful to you people, If you have any doubts regarding to this you can comment below or send me a message privately through contact form.

Monday, 25 August 2014

How To See Passwords Behind Dots or Stars In Google Chrome

Most of the Internet users at home might check the auto-fill form data to save their passwords and username. Now we have so many social networking sites, E-mail services and E-commerce websites all of them are asking to signup to their networks or websites to enjoy complete features. We are not machines to remember everything, you may forgot passwords sometimes and in other cases you forgot your password and you choose new password. One of my close pals face these problem but don't worry to know your password behind dots or stars. In this tutorial I will explain simple method to know your password behind the asterisk.
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How To Find Hidden Password Behind Asterisk

To find hidden password behind dots or stars in Google Chrome browser all you have to do is just follow my below Instruction and watch video tutorial.

  • Select the password and click on right and choose "Inspect Element"
  • At the bottom of the browser It will appear document editor window.
  • There you have to replace "Password" With "TEXT"
  • You can Follow this method on any browser Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari  etc...
That's It now you can see the text hidden behind the asterisk. Regarding to this article If you have any doubts comment below or send me a private message.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Tips To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser Easily

Google chrome is the fastest browser to connect with Internet among all other browsers. It has amazing features and especially extensions that are available for chrome browser will makes the user experience good while browsing on web. Even chrome is a fastest browser some times you may face low browsing speed. It depends on extensions you are using, bandwidth, quality and some other factors. To speed up your Internet speed there are so many unverified tricks you can find them on Internet. In this post I will explain only the best methods that are verified by the most of Google chrome users.

How To Speed Up Google Chrome Browser Easily  

Disable Unnecessary Extensions  

Extensions are very helpful to reduce your work and Improve user experience. But Installing too many extensions will slow down your Google chrome browser. So disable unnecessary extensions and try to keep less than 5 extensions. Just follow the below steps to disable unwanted extension.
  • click on Customize and control Google chrome >> Settings >> "Extensions" OR Copy and paste "Chrome://extensions" in address bar.

Disable Plugins 

This is the main cause to slow down your browser without knowing some plug-ins are enabled. Plug-ins occupy some memory and slow down the browser. When you are disabling plugins be careful there are some useful plugins such as adobe flash player you can watch videos, play online games and also Improve quality of web browsing. If you want to disable plug-ins go to "chrome://plugins".

Clear Cache 

The best example is why you delete cache memory, when you Install Google chrome on first time you experience super fast web browsing slowly It will decrease because of cache. Cache will store download history, cookies, other plugin data, cached files and Images and everything you browsed from the beginning time. Actually cache will help to load web pages quickly by storing previous data, Images and everything you browsed. But If you keep the cache with full of data for long time definitely It will be the cause to slow down your Google chrome browser. So delete cache memory regularly to speed up your chrome browser. 
  • To clear cache memory Click on Customize and control Google chrome >> History >> "Clear browsing data".

Predict Network Actions

This is one of the best proven way to Increase your browsing speed. By enabling this loading performance of the web pages will Improve by predicting the actions of network and also feature some web pages so It will display those sites Instantly when ever you click on that link. To enable predict network actions go to Customize and control Google chrome >> Settings >> scroll down and click on Advanced settings >> Under Privacy menu enable Predict network actions to Improve page load performance.

Incognito Window

Incognito is a private window, It allows you to browse the web without saving Information about websites and pages you visited. Webmasters found that when you browse in private window you experience fastest browsing speed.
                 Press Ctrl + Shift + N to launch new private window ( Incognito Window ) 

Follow above tips definitely you will experience fast browsing speed in Google chrome browser.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

How To Install Ubuntu On Windows 7(Dual-Boot Windows and Linux)

Most of the PC users wants to experience new and trendy operating systems, even they are using latest windows 7, 8 OS and some people wants to use both operating systems on their computer without formatting their already Installed OS. For those PC users, In this tutorial I will explain you step by step to dual-boot your PC to run two or more operating systems. Before going to that you have to get clarity about dual-boot, It means you can use two or more operating systems on single physical memory.

Step By Step Guide To Dual-Boot Ubuntu And Windows  

To Dual-boot ubuntu/Linux and windows 7  your PC/laptop should meet some basic benchmarks. I listed those requirements below:
  1.  Your PC is running with windows 7, 8, or higher version.
  2. CD/DVD burner and empty CD/DVD or USB with minimum 1GB capacity.
  3. Most Importantly backup your windows Installation. ( I will explain It clearly in step 3 )
  4. Internet Connection and administrative access to PC.
  5. Hard disk must contain 30 GB of free space.

Step 1: Select Your Linux Distro

Linux have so many distro's (Linux distributions) configured for both beginners and advanced users. In these you have to choose suitable distro for you. If you are a beginner go with  Ubuntu, It is completely enhanced for beginners and easy to use. It is admirable, Ubuntu community is very useful for beginners to solve their problems and queries. In this tutorial I choose to Install Ubuntu.

Step 2: Download Ubuntu And Prepare It For Installation

Go to Ubuntu official website and select which version you want to download . Ubuntu latest version is 14.04 LTS (long term support). According to your system choose 32-bit or 64-bit and download, It will download in ISO format. It will take some time depends on your Internet connection after downloading, go to downloaded folder and burn the Image into CD/DVD by using tool or If you want to use USB you need to download "Unetbootin". Remember that backup your data on USB, Unetbootin will remove previously stored data on USB drive and reformat It.

Step 3: Backup Your Windows Installation

This is most Important step, because any thing went wrong while Installing you can set back your PC with previous windows Installation. To backup your windows you need external hard-disk. Just follow the steps to backup your windows.
  1. Click on windows >> Open Control Panel >> System & Security .
  2. In this section select "Back Up and Restore".
  3. Below you can see the screen shots to get an Idea

Step 4: Disk Management

This is the best way to partition your hard drive. Before I said that you need minimum 30 GB free space is good enough to Install Ubuntu. But If you are planning movies, entertainment application you need to shrink more volume for the Installation. Mostly "C" drive is filled with windows Installation and their applications. So better to select other local drives to shrink volume, which has sufficient free space to Install Ubuntu. I will explain you the best method to partition your hard drive on windows 7, all you need to do is just follow the steps below.
  1. Click on windows >> In search box type "Disk Management" 
  2. Select "create and format hard disk partitions".
  3. Now It will display disk management window.
  4. Select local drive with large amount of free space and right click on It. You can see the option shrink volume click It.
  5. It will take some time to analyze the memory now It will display shrink window.
  6. Give minimum 30 GB or more you want. (30 GB = 30000 MB) and click on shrink.
  7. Now you can see black bar which Indicates "unallocated" memory or drive.

Step 5: Boot Menu

Select USB or CD/DVD to Install Ubuntu/Linux, then reboot your system. It doesn't take you to Installation setup you have to change the first boot priority with USB or CD/DVD in BIOS (basic Input output system). Just follow the below steps to change boot priority.
  1. Select function key to enter BIOS setup.
  2. Functional key is not same for all computers. It may vary according to the motherboard brand used for the PC.
  3. Usually F5, F7, F12 are mostly used functional keys to enter BIOS setup.
  4. After entering into BIOS click on boot menu change 1st priority with your USB or CD/DVD which you are using to Install Ubuntu/Linux.
  5. Save your changes and connect your media in to the drive.
  6. Now reboot It again.

Step 6: Install Ubuntu

It will ask you try Ubuntu without Installing & Install Ubuntu along with other options. If you want demo click on try Ubuntu or you can Install It directly. You can see the below screen shot.
  1. While Installation process your Internet connection is not working depend on your system please contact official Ubuntu documentation.
  2. If there is no problem with any network connection, click on Install Ubuntu.
  3. Select your language and continue.
  4. Now check the Install third-party software's box. This is necessary for some application or media.
  5. After that follow the default selections and when ever It will ask you to choose where to Install Ubuntu. It will ask you to Install Ubuntu along with  windows 7, Replace windows 7 with Ubuntu.
  6. Choose Install side by side with existing OS.
  7. That's It now you can enjoy dual-booting PC with Ubuntu and windows 7.
  8. When you switch on your PC, It will ask you to choose which operating system you want to start.
Enjoy Regarding to this tutorial do you have any doubts or while Installation process If you face any problems just comment below I will respond to your query within 24 hours.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How To Download & Install Paid Android Apps For Free

Android operating system has largest market for smartphones and also well known for amazing apps, games, themes, utilities and many more, among those most of the apps are available at free of cost and some are paid apps. Most of us don't prefer paid apps, even though It is necessary for our device, we go for other alternates. There are so many ways to download paid apps for free, among those I choose the best methods to download those paid apps.
In this tutorial I will explain you the three best ways to download and Install paid apps for free. Below I explained step by step guide for each and every method, to download paid android apps for free.

 Download Apk File From Websites

I mostly prefer this method, because there are so many application package files ( APK ) are submitted to file sharing websites by android users, who paid for that app and upload It to websites. There are so many file sharing websites among that  best sites that have APK files are freeandroidware, filecrop, mediafire, approb download apk files etc.. But you did not find all APK files in these websites. Then what you have to do is just follow the step by step guide below to download your favorite paid app.

                    "Shortly I will upload video regarding to this tutorial"
  1. Click on Google play store.
  2. Select your desired app.
  3. Click on It open description and just note down the version number.
  4. Open your favorite browser and go to Google search.
  5. In search box type app name along with Its version and add APK at end.
  6. Now you can see so many websites are listed apk files, here you have to put some effort to find your app apk file with good condition0.
  7. Download the APK file and go to file manager to open downloaded APK file.
  8. It will ask you to allow the unknown sources just go to Settings >> Security>>Select Unknown sources that means you allowed to Install apps from other sources.
  9. Now Install the app and enjoy It.

BlackMart Alpha App

In Google store Itself has an app called blackmart alpha app, to download paid apps for free. To download this app just follow the above steps or you can download It from play store.After completing the Installation of this app. 
  • Open It don't panic same Google play store design will appear.
  • Search for your desired and Install directly on your android phone/tablet.

 Note : You can download any paid app through this blackmart alpha app. But you cannot update your app to next version, It may chance to corrupt that app.

Pay For App And Get Refund

I think this is the most genuine way to get paid android apps for free. If you want follow this procedure you should have to Install best file manager such as ES file explorer, Solid Explorer, ASTRO ,  X-plore etc...
  • After Installing the best file manager just follow the below steps very carefully.
  • Remember that for any paid apps in play store there is a 15 minutes trail period after purchasing.
  • So purchase your desired app and after that It will be Installed in your android phone/tablet.
  • Now open your favorite file manager there you can see app manager>>Installed apps. ( options will be change for other file managers).
  • Just copy down or backup the file.
  • To get back your money cancel your order within 15 minutes and your money will be refunded. 
  • Now you can Install It from backup folder again.

That's It you can enjoy the paid app features for free. Regarding to this tutorial If you are facing any problems while downloading those paid apps just comment below or contact us

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Top 10 Ways To Increase More Twitter Followers

Everyone knows that twitter is a top social networking  micro-blogging site. No doubt twitter is a largest social marketing tool ever. Most of the people don't know about automated too that are specially available for twitter. Top Free Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages On Twitter It allows only 140 characters to tweet, that is enough to get large number of followers to your account If you use It properly. Remember that don't use automated tools for everything It may harms rather than benefits like reducing tweet reach , klout score etc..

How To Increase Your Twitter Followers :

Now I am going to share my personal experience about blogging and twitter. I started blogging  on technology, SEO, Blogging, android etc.. few months ago TECHBULK. When I was new to blogging It is  difficult to drive traffic to my website. To get huge traffic social networking sites are good source so I started learning of twitter marketing on Internet like you, with my experience I suggest you the best ways to follow that will Increase followers on twitter.

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Drive Traffic To Your Twitter Profile :

For example If you have any new blog or product to promote, you need to drive traffic to your website. By sharing your blog with friends, commenting on other blogs, submitting links to high page ranks sites and If you have lot of money you can go for advertisement. Follow same strategies to your twitter profile.

Add Tweet Button :

If you are serious about micro-blogging or Increase followers this is the best way. While you are tweeting add tweet button. By doing this everyone will ReTweet and It may go viral to thousand Internet users. So tweet useful and good article to attract twitter users.

Don't Stop Tweets :

For every blog or social networking account frequent updates and rich content is very Important. If any new followers visit your profile, they found you didn't update any tweet for long time and even If you tweet It wont be good these makes followers disappoint. So where ever you are at least try to do minimum tweets to stay connect with your followers.

Attractive Background and Complete Profile :

Customize your twitter background attractively which is helpful to make the visitors follow. Fill out your complete Bio is also very Important because every follower wants to know about designation, Bio of an author. 

Keep An Eye On Unfollow Users : 

This is one of the best way to get lot of followers to your twitter account. It may arise a question how It is possible. Follow lot of people to get lot of followers, but you need to check whether they are following you are not. If they are not following, you can just unfollow them by using automated Twitter tools 

Find Your Niche And Follow :

Follow the people who are tweeting same niche, using certain keywords in Bio. It will be helpful to get more followers, because your profile will display the Information about your niche and audience will get attracted to your profile. 

Keep Your Post Short Enough To Retweet :

Retweets are very Important to get new followers to your profile. Retweeting is the only way to get noticed by the people who are not following you. So you have to post short enough to add RT and username to retweet your post. It is better to complete the post below 120 - 125 characters according to your username length.

Reply Publicly :

Reply to the fellow users in public, It offers a chance to other followers to join in that conversation which is helpful to Increase followers. Organize twitter competitions, contests, questions etc.. by offering attractive prizes or gifts. If followers will like definitely they will retweet your profile.  

Participate In Contest :

Participate on twitter contest really helps, because there you can meet all group of twitter users they may like your niche and follow you and also promote your profile. If you participate in contest definitely It will brings you quality followers. 

Share Valuable Content :

Most Importantly post Informative content which is useful to everyone that makes the followers to retweet. Post too many tweets and link to others, which helps to Increase the follower count.

Conclusion :

 I hope that above tips will helps you to get more followers on twitter account. Remember ones you get followers don't let them go by un-following you. For that you need to update your profile, tweet useful and rich content, don't spam, don't use auto- responding tools too much..